Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Dichotomy Of My Tabs

On one tab, I have the 'Conversion of the Khazars'. The Khazars were like a nomadic warrior peoples of central Asia, think the Huns, who converted to Judaism. Noted as excellent warriors and horsemen.On the other tab, I have pornhub up, searching for hindu actress porn.

On one tab, I have 'Longinus'. Longinus, Saint Longinus I guess, was the soldier who stabbed Jesus while he was up on the cross with a spear, to see if he was dead. On the other tab, I am searching porn gifs under 'eye contact'.

On one tab, I have 'the Silk Road'. The trade route that connected Europe to China. I am reading about how it was under the Mongol Empire. On the other tab, I am looking up how to tie a proper bondage knot.

On my phone, I am looking at pictures of my dog, before going to the next picture, which is of nudes some girl has sent me.

Hope everyone gets written into the Book of Life this year. Except Derek Wills. They should fire Derek Wills.

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