Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Flames Post: Season Ticket Package Sucked


Ok, so the Flames Season Ticket Package Box Container Thing came to my house yesterday. I will now tell the void all about it.

Last year, iirc, the tickets came in a tin box. This year, the tickets came in a, I don't know, paper product box. Like nice cardboard, I guess. I prefer the tin box because I can use it for shit, like to hold my drug paraphernalia, which I can't do with the cardboard box because they glue shit into it, like the little shelf thing they put your tickets in. So right off the bat I was like "this shit is lame".

I mean I don't have the fanciest tickets, and maybe the quality of the box changes with your ticket level, but last year I was in shittier tickets, so I doubt that. I think everyone gets the same box. Maybe suit holders get something better. But I upgraded my tickets and the box was shittier so I have to assume everyone got the shittier box. I don't like it. Step up to cheap tin, fuckdammit.

You open the box and what do you get? You get a nicely printed booklet that shows off the charity the Flames do. That's nice, charity is nice, mitzvahs are nice, but I'm a selfish asshole so I don't really care about that shit. You also get a schedule for the Flames, which is NOT magnetized, I repeat, NOT magnetized, which is just fucking retarded. I actually complained to my season ticket customer service rep over it. Give us a fucking magnet schedule you fucks. You also get a nice little poster, which is useless, and you get your tickets. That's it.

Listen, I know I am paying for the tickets, but would it kill the Flames to include something nice as a thank you for giving them a seasons worth of ticket money in June or July or whenever the fuck they make us pay? Like, my tickets cost about 2 grand each, which I've paid already. Could a brother not get a bobble head or a stuffed Harvey the Hound? I mean, we should get a jersey for every ticket we buy.

Oh, and the letter from Ken King this year was about six sentences. Usually I post them but there was no 'there' there on this one. No talk about the stadium, as there has been the last two season ticket letters, and no talk about, well, anything really. "We have new players and we hope to have an exciting year, basically". Which is kinda odd, seeing the stadium is the elephant in the room.

Furthermore I think Derek Wills should be fired.