Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What Do You Do Bumble Edition

Got a match on Bumble today. Cool beans, right?

Match was a client's daughter. And not just a 'clients daughter'. A client who also happens to be good friends with my Father and Mother. A client who my Father and Mother introduced to his wife, a million years ago. A client I have known since before I was out of diapers. A client who I have had passover dinner with, at his house.

What do you do?

Now, on Bumble I do not use my real name. But I do have pictures of myself, and I do have pictures of my dog. My dog is fairly unique in that I have seen one other dog that looks like her. She's a pointer but she's black and white. This client's daughter has looked after my dog when I went on vacation last year. She therefore knows what my dog looks like.

I do not know if she knows who I am or she thinks she is matching with a rando.

What do you do?

I am not nice with girls, I think I should point that out. Like, they have a good time with me and all that, but that's what I am, a good time. I am not 'boyfriend material' and I do not act like I am (one of the reasons girls fall head over heels for me so often). If I get with this girl and treat her poorly there could be repercussions.

What do you do?

In Speed, the guy shot the hostage in the leg. He tried to make the play. I feel I should try to make the play. Any differing opinion on this?

Furthermore, I think Derek Wills should be fired.