Wednesday, June 27, 2018

More Doug Hamilton Trade Stuff

As I often lament, I am banned from twitter, but I still like to go on and search it from time to time. One of the pages I creep is @akaRCN, which I would assume anyone reading this blog in 2018 already follows, but you never know. On his page I found a couple of things that made me lulz, as it related to the Hamilton trade.

In my last post I had wondered why the Flames didn't try to move Hamilton at the trade deadline, if he was really so bad in the locker room or so unhappy on the team.

Well, there you go. The team, according to Mark Spector, did indeed try to move him. I think stuff like this lends credence to the Flames version of the story, where Hamilton was a 'murper' and unhappy on the team. It seems weird to me that the team wasn't able to trade him then. Maybe they got cold feet. I also find it odd that his name, as far as I recall and I could be wrong, didn't leak out during that time. I mean this thing is odd all around.

More evidence that the Flames and Hamilton had a bad relationship:

They didn't even tell the kid he was traded! He found out when the rest of us found out, while watching the TV. That's amazing to me. I don't know how Ferland found out, but the two Carolina guys we got were called by Carolina to tell them they had been traded. Maybe I'm reading in to the Flames not calling Hamilton to tell him he had been traded too much, but I don't think I am. That's an asshole move. The Flames must have hated this guy, and I would assume they had reason to do so. I would hope they did, at least.

More from Chip, on the players we got:

So, there is that. One underachieving forward for another. Oh joy! And a guy who 'is going to be' a very good NHL player for someone who 'is' a very good NHL player already.

I will say, in my experience running much much much lower level teams in completely different sports, getting rid of talented players who piss the team off with their attitude, people I call 'murpers', and replacing them with people who are not 'murpers' does tend to increase the success of the team, regardless of the talent level difference between the murpers and the non murpsers. I don't know why, but in my experience my teams have always done better the following year after I get rid of the murpers from the last season. So I see the Flames logic in this trade.

But time will tell.

Furthermore, I think Derek Wills should be fired.