Monday, June 25, 2018

Enough Bad Takes: Doug Hamilton Asked For A Trade

Man. They ban me from twitter and then the team goes and makes a trade. Great. Now who is going to go after all the very bad and horrible takes that are coming out. I feel bad for the waste walkers of social media, having to wade through this cesspool of shit.

I will say, when I first heard the trade, I was not a happy camper. Because I am not on social media I got a chance to digest it before I was tainted with any other opinion. I did not like it, it seemed we gave up a lot for not as much. There had to be a reason, right? Something happened that we did not see?

And of course, that was the case. Initially, the word sorta broke that they traded Hamilton because of locker room issues. Of course, it came in the form of a tweet or something that said "Hamilton would skip team lunches to go to a museum", which of course got all the lonely nerds on the twitter very upset. Obviously 'skipping lunch to go to a museum' was a fucking euphemism, but the responses were of course "Flames hate the guy because he reads". Honestly, whenever I see these takes my initial thought is "Yes, we all needed to know you got stuffed into a locker in high school, random internet person."

The "Flames are stupid for trading an elite defenceman because he likes to read" take was so unbearably, well, stupid, I was surprised it survived a minute out in the wild. But people don't know what they don't know, except on the internet where they know everything, so I shouldn't have been. In a world of nerds writing about jocks, these bad takes can propagate.

The Flames themselves tried to cover their asses by very quickly putting out there some juicy quotes about Hamilton not being a fit in the room. Very quickly we heard insinuations about Hamilton not caring about losing, about him being more upset the team traded his brother than with anything else going on in the season, and perhaps, this being the juiciest, that he did not like it here (Brad Treliving's comment about "taking both on ice and off ice in to consideration).

 So obviously something was up. What we were getting from the media wasn't the clear deal. What was really going on? And now we know, sorta.

In today's 31 Thoughts, Friedman pretty much makes clear that Hamilton requested a trade, and the team was trying to trade him before his trade request was made public. While Friedman says that a trade request was not 'formerly' made, he also insinuates that an informal request was definitely made. And the subsequent actions of the club imply, to me at least, that the formal trade request was indeed coming if they did not move Hamilton.

(Hamilton was apparently unhappy with the team getting rid of his brother (understandable, in a sense, when he looks down the roster and sees Brouwer, Lazar, and Bennett stinking up the roster. Is Fred Hamilton worse than Lazar? So I can see his point, in a way), with his role being changed coming into the new year (he was apparently going to be moved from Gio to play with Harmonic, which would have pissed me off, too), and the fact that Gulutzan was a retard who waited too long to play him on the powerplay, which I believe pissed everyone else in the city off too.)

With that news, the whole trade should be seen in a different light. The team probably lost the trade. But they could have lost it in an even worse way if they had let the news of a trade request leak out.That's how I view it, at least.

Now...are those above mentioned reasons enough to warrant a trade request? I'm not Hamilton, but they seem kind of flimsy to me. Still, I can't imagine this trade was made without something like a trade request being made behind the scenes. It's just too...lopsided. I mean, if you were trading Hamilton in a vacuum, you would want a legit top line winger coming back. Right?

So I sorta view it as Treliving having two guys who were unhappy in Hamilton and Fox, and a guy he didn't want to pay in Ferland (and would be caught in a PR nightmare if Ferland put up a 50+ point season this year), and looking to get rid of his 'problems' with a neat and tidy package, trading them all to one team for guys who had similar talent, and who his new coach (who he is tied to the hip with, especially after this trade) liked and vouched for. It makes sense to me (although I do not 'love' the trade) in that light.

But that's the take. Not "The Flames hated Hamilton because he read books". The take is "Hamilton was unhappy here and they were not going to pay Ferland so they traded them for similar players who the team will have long term control over".

Not as sexy, but I think it is more accurate.

Furthermore, I think Derek Wills should be fired.

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