Monday, June 25, 2018

Doug Hamilton Trade Was Bad Tho

Regardless as to the motivation of the trade, the trade itself was a bad one. Some thoughts I have one it:

- I would have liked the media to ask the GM if he had consulted the team leaders about making this move.

- This move implies the Flames believe the locker room has issues. Does moving one player fix it? Who else needs to go?

- If Douglas was this 'unhappy' in Calgary, why wasn't he traded, say, at the trade deadline?

- Douglas being unhappy or a bad apple or whatever may be true, but it is also a convenient excuse for the organization making a widely panned trade. How much benefit of the doubt you give the Flames largely depends on your opinion of the front office. I choose to believe the cover story because I pay for season tickets, and the alternative, while plausible, is horrifying.

- Treliving trading a guy he got in a trade he is acknowledged to have 'won' is another data point in favour of Douglas being a problem, either through his demeanor or his agitation for a trade, whatever the case may be. Douglas Hamilton on the Flames is perhaps Treliving's signature move. Brad moving that guy is not nothing.

- This isn't an original take, but the inclusion of Adam Fox in the trade makes no sense. The Flames should be getting the prospect or pick back in this deal. Imagine offering up the best players in the trade and still having to sweeten the pot. It's fucked up. Did Treliving get worked?

- The GM, by making this move, has married the coach. If Peters doesn't work out, Treliving will be fired now, as well. That may have been the case anyways, but now it is official. Ballsy move.

- Because of that, I can't imagine the team is done adding. Treliving is going to want to look good coming off this trade, and that means getting Peters enough players for his roster. The team is universally acknowledged to look like they need at least one more forward, and I won't argue with this notion at all. The forward brought in has to be a scorer. Do you pay James Neal?

- Were any of the players traded by the Flames in this deal offered up to Ottawa in the trade talks for Hoffman?  If not, if the Hoffman trade was going to be based around different players or assets, I would think the team would still be pursuing trading for a scoring forward, as well. Could we be seeing two new forwards in Calgary?

- There still seems to be moves to make. Getting rid of Brouwer would be nice. I'd like them to look at Reaves. Moving Stone would be nice, but I think he'd also be missed if an injury hits, as you'd be forced to play kids with kids on your bottom pair, unless they could sign an cheap alternative. Who plays in the bottom six? Do you play Bennett as the 4th line centre or the 3rd line winger? Lots of questions.

Furthermore, I think Derek Wills should be fired.


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