Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Finals

JHL playoff hockey finals. Made it back. Won the first game, even. Need one more win to take home the championship.

Get the email today: "Hey guys, we are going to be very short players today..."

Fuck. So close, and then this. Myself, I'm suffering from the flu. I will not be a good player. I can see us losing this game, and then losing the rubber match. That's how sports and life is. You get close enough to taste it, and then they snatch it away.

It's just beer league hockey right? Who cares? Well, I care. I want to win this league. The only time I'm happy lately is when I'm on the ice or when I'm walking my dog. And there are no championships for walking your dog.


I was drinking Neocitrin yesterday, and my dog runs up and headbutts the cup. Love is a crazy thing. The hot liquid (I had literally just poured the boiling water into the mug) spills all over me, burning me, and what do I do? I check on the dog to make sure none of the water fell on her.


Tales from the office: A client brought a girl in to see me, I think to introduce us and see if we had chemistry, and I end up violently coughing throughout the encounter. I'm must be sick.

Tales from the office two: "Hi I've already done my taxes but I want to know if I can pepper you for questions for an hour on how I can do them better and what do you mean you want to bill me for this?"


I haven't really watched a lot of the NHL playoffs, but I have a feeling the Flames would have been embarrassed if they had made it in. Maybe a blessing in disguise that they missed.

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