Friday, March 16, 2018

Dumb Move

The dumbest thing I did this month was kill off my stable of hoes. I did it because it's tax season and I get so exhausted during the two months. Hoes are exhausting as it is and I figured I shouldn't be chasing tail and all that. Only so much energy to go around.

I didn't cut off all my hoes, I kept a few, but I consciously let the majority of plates I was spinning fall. What a fucking mistake.

Girls want a guy who is fucking 100 girls already. They do. The secrets to getting a woman to like you are to act like you don't like them*, and to be fucking a bunch already**. I think they can smell when you are. They have some mechanism. Because as soon as I let the hoe stable out of the barn, the hoes I kept had an attitude change on me.

I had a good thing going with this one girl where I'd show up once a week and bang. She now all of a sudden wanted to be my girlfriend. During tax season? Fuck that shit. So she got very mad and hasn't communicated with me for a couple of days now. The other girl I had pulled similar shit. "Working late on the office" became "you are cheating on me." and I smelled a shit test so I said "I can't be cheating on you because we aren't dating." Even that was giving the shit test too much merit, I should have just said "obviously." but I didn't. Same thing. She hasn't sent me any nudes in about a week. Terrible.

Now I'm faced with having to rebuild my prospects when my social energy is very low. I know you are supposed to fake it but even the thought of having to perform is draining my chi right now. Having a few chicks I could use to relieve stress at the end of the week was nice. Oh well. (I got rid of the dating apps so I am forced to actually leave the house for pussy. I am not going back. So far.)

Moral of the story is to spin as many plates as you possibly can. 

* I once heard it formulated as: Women like things that don't like them back. That's why they like cats. Be like a cat.

** You saw that story about the chick who went crazy when she thought her man was fooling around on her? That's the type of passion having another chick, or even the threat of having another chick, aroused in women. They love it.

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