Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Booty and at Tax Time?

Fuck. You ever have a piece of ass you just can't forget? Like, you dream about it? You close your eyes and it floats into your consciousness? Every dip and wrinkle or whatever it had? I got it bad, a real bad case of the booty dreams. It's all I think about, and I have other stuff to think about.

It drives me crazy. And at tax time, too. Tax time is the worst. You have other, normal shit you have to get done, the corporate tax shit, and then I have an influx of about 600 personal tax clients, and they all bug you for this or that and you can't tell them it isn't important, you have to take it all very seriously. They drop off all their shit and then call and call and call to get you to do it and then you file and then they tell you they had other shit to drop off why did you file and you just want to choke them but you can't. And then you close your eyes and you see the booty.

God, I can still smell the girls hair. Fucking torture. You always fall for the ones who want nothing to do with you when they turn on you. That's like God's favourite prank. And the real truth is the only reason you want the girl isn't because of love or any of that shit. Not even for the booty, well, not entirely. No, you want the girl because she doesn't want you. You only want the girl because she's back fucking her long term boyfriend. If she was fucking you, you wouldn't want her anymore. Well, the last part is what I tell myself. I'd probably be fine with her if she was still fucking me. Although I'm sure I'd find another reason to complain.

Tax time drives you crazy. Girls drive you crazy. You are suppose to be Buddha and detach, I know. You aren't suppose to get your happiness from work or from girls. It's good advice if you can work the trick. I fake it like I'm like that to the outside world. Myself, I can't lie to myself, not very well.

I don't even miss her. I miss choking her and spitting in her mouth and the look on her face when I'd shove my cock in her. I miss pulling her hair and how she tastes and I miss leaving hand prints in her ass. But I don't miss her. She was annoying. Why'd she have to be cute?

And at tax time, too. Crazy. 


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