Monday, September 21, 2015


I like the restraint the Flames are using when pitching their message in regards to the new arena. You don't see that type of soft sell employed very often nowadays; and the mellowness of the approach is quite refreshing.

Here is the ad they should run. I give it to them for free because they gave me ice cream every home game.


CalgaryNEXT promises to be the single most transformative event in the history of Calgary. It is an ambitious undertaking that will be remarked upon from New York to Paris. And so it is not only assured to enhance the landscape locally, but it also offers the chance to enhance the cities reputation, globally.

(And so it's shots of construction, and then when it talks about ambition it shows cowboys herding cattle for like a second before some shots of the lady liberty and the eiffel tower, and then when it says globally it shows like a starry sky or some shit.)

However, there are those out there who would deny the most obvious benefits of CalgaryNEXT. These people hate on any action by anyone, it seems, simply just to hate. But have you ever stopped to consider what would happen if these hateful, disenchanted voices held sway?

(A woman in the field sits on a bench, and contemplates a future where CalgaryNEXT does not get built. Her face goes from relaxed day dream to one of concern.)

Make your voice heard. Prevent the nuclear destruction of western civilization. Support CalgaryNEXT.


Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


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  4. AZR and Domebeers... Two Homers that didn't go to a game before 2004.
    But keep reading this drivel... no one can make a Flame's game more exciting!
    Two fucking mouth-breathing douchbags! lolol

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