Monday, April 20, 2015

They Played Raymond, Not McGrattan

"I'm not sure what happened with the penalties, but hopefully we'll see Mason Raymond next game." - Kevin Bieksa

Well, the Flames took Bieksa's advice and played Raymond.

And ended up winning the game.

Famous last words from Bieksa?


"Who suggested that? Them? I think he's pretty irrelevant so far." - Bieksa on `Ferkland`

At this point, all Ferland needs to do is to slap a Sedin.


Scouting Report From My Nosebleed Seats:

Flames forecheck was very, very aggressive. It's hard not to love a team that plays like that.

I think the boys are getting comfortable. Some of the passes they made in the first two games of this series were a little off. This game, they were connecting on almost everyone they made. When they get a little puck luck, the speed and skill shine through.

Let's continue to hope for the favour of the hockey gods.

Oh. Cowboys girls number one star.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

I basically just wanted to post this hottie 


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