Monday, April 6, 2015

I Have Nothing To Say But I Wanted To Post A Picture Of A Girl In Knee High Socks

Eh, why lie?

I mean, I guess there is shit to talk about. Are they gonna play Bennett? Why won't they play player X over player Y? Why did no one in Ricco's Roughnecks shoot the alien bug creature behind Diz even though they clearly should have been prepared to shoot the bug alien because they had just shot 50,000 thousand of them?

Oh, and there is some stadium, or something, they are going to build? And this little playoff run, I guess.

So I mean, yes, there is shit to talk about. And actually, lots of shit to talk about. Content, content, content.

But, I don't know. The season is too long and it's snowing, and my cousin was in all weekend so I had to fake being a human being and...I'm just not in the mood right now.

Anyway, Playboy has a gallery of girls in glasses

They are wearing clothes and shit. The world aignt what it used to be, lemme tell yeah. I miss Reagan's America: Transformers cartoons that didn't suck, and Freedom.

Anyway, the picture I like is below the fold.

I took my cousin out shooting on Saturday. He had never been.

I own one of those machines that throws the clay dove for you, but I never use it. I always use the hand thing.

Now, I always throw out as opposed to across. IE: I throw the clay so it flies away from the shooter, not across the shooters line of site.

So I'm standing next to the shooter as I'm throwing clays. This is a big no no. You are supposed to stand behind the shooter off to the side.

Vets can figure out what happens next.

I throw the clay, it doesn't release when it should, and I fling it right smack into my cousins head.

Furthermore, I think Peter Lounardias should be fired.

It's the yellow glasses but also the knee socks. Really, she's just missing the septum piercing. 


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