Monday, February 23, 2015

The Chick Below The Break Line Is Eating A Nectarine

I went to bed with an idea to write something and I woke up and poof it's gone.

So in an effort to refresh the brain I hit up to look at the standings. Oh shit. Bad move.

I'm not too sure if we will make the playoffs. I mean, destiny and fate notwithstanding, it's looking pretty grim. I think all the eight teams ahead of us, well, are better than us.

It's been a fun ride. I'm sure it's going to be good for the season ticket drive. But I think it could be coming to an end, and the end is going to be accompanied by angry keyboard strokes all across twitter.

It's going to be unpleasant. I don't want to write the post again, but people have internalized the success and are going to be mad when the Flames 'fall' out of a playoff spot they are very lucky to occupy in the first place.

So we have to look forward to posts about "Did you know X player really sucks???" the whole summer. What I like to call "Did you know water is wet??" posts, and they will be written with the furious conviction of someone who thinks they have discovered a hidden truth and needs, needs!, to proselytize to us misguided rube.

Looking forward to it.


We opened the season up on a six game road trip, I recall. And that was supposed to be the death of the season. And we went 4-2 (I think. I'm not checking, fuck you). So Fate is still very much in play, if you ask me thank you very much.



" Coun. Evan Woolley argues that the art budget is important to Calgary, because “what kind of high-tech company will want to come to an ugly city?” Um, how about one that wants to live where there hasn’t been a 13.1 per cent property tax increase? "

How about this: They city solicits the rich socialites in this city to pay for the art the rich socialites in the city want?

IE: People 'donate' the art to the city. They get a memorial and the good tummy, we get to not spend tax dollars on something trivial.

And even crazier, how about we don't use the funds saved for other outlandish and wasteful public spending? How about, and don't faint here, we use that money to offset taxes?

Fucking bananapants crazy, I know.


Can I have free money to offset my failing business? My failing business is super special and in no way like any other business out there. What I sell is super important, notwithstanding the fact no one wants to buy it.

The other story like this to happen lately was that FFWeekly was shutting down. I thought the stories about that were laughable. The magazine that everyone loves and has huge readership needs to shut down because they can't find anybody who wants to advertise in it. Right. Makes sense.

If the guy who runs FFWeekly is anything like the businessmen I know, then I have to believe he played with other distribution solutions before shutting it down. Could he not have charged even a dollar an issue? Apparently not. You couldn't give this magazine away for free, and nobody, apparently, wanted to pay for it, either.

My two cents? FFWeekly went way, way to the left, to the point where it was appealing to a demographic that is very, very small. On top of that, the writers they employed were not very good, so they couldn't keep people who weren't into radical culture engaged.

Is there a place for a magazine about local art, music, culture, etc.? I bet there is. But it needs to be well written, and it needs to be more mainstream and not so obsessed with marginal ideologies like queer culture.


I'm not the Wildrose leader yet, but I shit you not they reached out to my brother about him becoming treasurer in of one of the ridings. He's pretty dope so he said he wouldn't take the job until I was named leader.

You're move, Wildrose.



Take all the salary in exchange for not giving them anything good. Duh!

Dude gets like 300 shots a year he will be great with Bennett.

Furthermore I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Ehh fugedabotit



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