Tuesday, February 3, 2015

DB Makes The Morning Show

So I was at the Flames game last night. We were playing the Jets. It was a big game. And we won. Huge.

Anyways, I'm sitting chilling in the Nosebleeds when I go "fuck that noise" to my bro, and we move down into the lower bowl.

I guess we ended up in seats in the Flames family section or something like that. There was a row of people with Hudler jerseys. Someone got a call about John Hockey's injury in the intermission, a puck hit his wrist, no big deal (which is insane because that has happened to me and it hurts for a week). It was pretty actually pretty neat.

As I am sitting in my empty row, enjoying my beer and popcorn, this dude in a suit plops right down next to me. I look over and "Oh, that's Rhett!" I say to my brother, who knows who Warrener is. Rhett says something to a kid sitting in the row in front of ours. Now, I'm a pretty astute dude, so I get the brain a'crackin' on putting two and two together, and I drop this beauty line on him:

DB: Is that your kid?

RW: It is! (He says it like a proud dad, which I liked because I'm a softie for that shit)

DB: I bet he's skating better than you already!

RW: Wouldn't take much!

Boom. What a line. DB, you sure do got a quick wit. Oh, I know, but thank you, thank you.

Later some guy came down to get Rhett's autograph and I told him he needs to start charging $5. He thought that was funny too, but I mean it was a line from me so that was a given.

And then the most scandalous part: I asked Rhett whether it was in, and he didn't say it was. He said he wished it was, shrug. Faith breaking.

Anyways, I wake up to twitter chirps about how my amazing line made the morning show. Cool!

But I have to point this out. As it was relayed to me, Rhett said I sat down next to him. Oh no. He sat next to me. It may seem like a little thing but when you are a big star like me you gotta make sure these things are clear.

And Walker said he outed me to Rhett. So thank you Rhett, for not punching me.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

Girl. Actually I was having trouble deciding so Ill post two.

The one I was going to go with:

And then this pair:

Collar. Tug.


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