Friday, June 27, 2014

Yet Another Reason To Hate The Media

Ok the NHL draft is tonight and we are all super duper excited for it and everything and who are the Flames gonna pick it's such a wide open draft yada yada yada

So now that that is outta the way now...

The NBA draft was last night, and the Raptors, with the twentieth pick overall, picked a cat named Bruno 'The Brazilian Kevin Durant' Caboclo. Who? Exactly.

Now, whether you hate the pick or not is one thing. My personal opinion on the matter is that it is the twentieth pick in the NBA draft so it's a worthless pick anyways. The criticism that the team could have waited to draft the guy with a later pick is probably valid, but at the same time, who were they going to draft that had a better chance of becoming a consistent NBA player?

So I'm OK with the pick. But it is an interesting pick nonetheless, being that the kid is so unknown, that you can't help but try and find out some more information about the whole situation. And so that's how it was that I came across this story on TSN:


Which is basically what the Raptors are thinking, but it's not the headline I have a problem with.

In the article, it says the following:

The Raptors head coach joined TSN 1050 to shed some light on the team's surprise selection and defend the criticism of the pick by ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla who described Caboclo as being a player that was “two years away from being two years away.”

(Bolding is mine yo)

And why, DB, do you have a problem with that?

I have a problem with that because I was actually watching the draft on ESPN, and I was actually watching the Raptors draft Bruno. And because I was actually watching, I know that Fran Fraschilla was not really criticizing the pick, and was in fact one of the few people (apparently) who even know who Bruno was, and actually would say on the air that he liked the pick. He even went so far to say it was the "Ultimate home run swing of a pick."

Now, I don't have a TIVO so I can't prove it, but you're just going to have to believe your friend DB when he tells you this: the real reason I am so worked up over the above quote is that the very next thing out of Fraschilla's mouth after he said "two years away from being two years away," was: "That's not a criticism."

I mean for fuck sakes. And TSN aired the fucking draft, so they know. Now it's a little thing, a little story, but this damnable trait of our corporate media overlords where they go out of their way to create fake angles in stories is tiresome and ridiculous.

It's fucking stupid. And here I am, on a beautiful fucking day, writing about a made up beef between two guys who, in reality, share the exact same fucking opinion on a bloody long shot international NBA prospect.

Just draft a fucking centre, Flames.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired


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