Monday, March 25, 2013

Jarome Iginla Will Not Re-Sign With The Flames?

Heard on SNET's 'pre-game'. Eric Francis was being  interviewed by the Millions Dollar Man, and he offered the little nugget of news that Jarome Iginla will not be re-signing with the Calgary Flames.

I hadn't heard that before.

Apparently on the FAN960 morning show they had Nick Kypreos on 'confirmed' the news, also saying that he has heard that Jarome Iginla will not be re-signing with the Flames.

Shit is fucked up, homie.

Ken King's stewardship of the club has been such a disaster that Mr. Calgary Flame, Jarome Iginla, will no longer entertain being a Calgary Flame.

Let that swirl around your dome for a while.

You guys know who Isiah Thomas is, right? I know some of you are hockey shut-ins and don't watch other sports. Isiah Thomas was a Knick legend, and after his playing days were done, was brought back into the organization to run the whole show. He was a disaster. 

How did 'Zeke' get the job of running the Knicks? The owner loved him. How did Zeke keep his job of running the Knicks (into the ground)? The owner loved him.

Because the owner liked the guy, he was able to get away with terrible ROI (for lack of a better term/concept) year after year.

Knick fans were fucked. They had a person who was terrible at running a basketball operation running their basketball operation. The owner loved him so he was never going to get fired for poor performance. The fans of the team were fucked. But then a miracle happened. Isiah Thomas sexually harassed an employee in the Knicks organization. Suddenly the embarrassment became too embarrassing for the owner, and he let Zeke go. The team has performed very well (in relation to where it was) since Zeke has been let go.

Quite honestly, I think the Flame fans find themselves in the same situation. Murray Edwards likes Ken King. Because Murray Edwards likes Ken King, Ken King's performance (or to be more accurate, lack thereof) isn't an issue to him. Flame fans, we are fucked. Pray for a miracle, I guess.

Furthermore I think Ken King should be fired.


  1. Zeke won two 'ships for the Pistons not Knicks, and he kept his job even after the ~$15 million settlement. He lost it when they continued to suck and David Stern borderline forced Dolan (who also owns the Rangers and refuses to fire Sather...) to hire someone competent to try and clear capspace for LeBron. Zeke'll be back too eventually, bet on it...

    Love your work!!!! Fire Ken King and blow this fucker up from top to bottom two years ago!!!!

    Why is a media guy running our hockey team, and what does it say about ownerships' priorities??

    We're the Leafs now, it makes me sad :(


  2. You da' man Domie...i got's ta' know...does ya type yo tagline with ya own finga's...each and every time?

  3. Why not provoke King into doing something stupid? That way, if King gets caught, there will be bad PR and the owner will fire King willy-nilly. Then Feaster might go as well.


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