Sunday, March 24, 2013

Care Bears

I wanted to say some things about the the notion of a team not caring enough as an explanation for a disappointing performance, and why I am so dismissive of it.

I don't dismiss the notion that a player or players or perhaps even an entire team may not give, to summarize the argument, '100% Effort Every Game', and all that statement contains within. I don't dismiss the notion because I understand rosters are filled with human beings. Why I am dismissive of it as an argument as to why the team is losing or not losing is because this particular condition is not specific to the Flames.

Every team, in every league, is undoubtedly guilty of 'not caring' during specific periods of time. Again, they are staffed by human beings.

The thing with human beings, though, is that they respond to the structural markets presented to them. Behavior is shaped by what is possible; the 'Everyone was doing it' rationalization that the human mind is known to generate as a response to the feeling of guilt is a biological affirmation of this argument, if I may. The seemingly habitual creation of economic bubbles is another affirmation. People seek out market inefficiencies in order to exploit them for their benefit; we do it as a species, we do it as communities, we do it as individuals. Because we are human.

If the Flames are 'not caring' at a materially relevant degree greater than the rest of the league it could be because the players collected on the roster have a deep and fundamental flaw to their characters, OR it could be that the market conditions presented to them by their employer permits such behaviour to be indulged in with either a surplus to or neutral effect to the the players 'benefit' (utility?).

I'm hesitant to even bring that up, because a silly person might read that and go 'oh see you believe the team doesn't care' and I don't want that distracting from the real, fundamental reason the team stinks, which is that it isn't overwhelmingly talented at forward, is sloppy and soft defensively  and it is getting bad goaltending. But I do want to point out that if the team truly doesn't care, it would be because the people who run the team allow them not to care.

Furthermore, I think Ken King should be fired.