Sunday, February 10, 2013


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The guys holding the purse strings have not been holding them very tight. Every single year since 2007, the Flames have been in the top 10 in terms of monies spent on hockey talent compared to their conference (and four times league wide).

The resources to put together a championship quality team have been there. The lack of success cannot be attributed to a lack of resources.

That suggests to me that the people managing the resources provided don`t have a clue as to what they are doing.

There has been a change of GM during the time span this table examines. Just by looking at the table, dear reader, could you point it out?

The management of the team is no good. They have proven they cannot operate efficiently in a cap world. The type of  high spending, low results situation the management has engaged in would get them fired in the real world.

Currently the team is spending the second most out of any team in the Western Conference on hockey talent. It sits in 12th place according to, with eight points. The 12 - 15th place teams in the Western Conference all have 8 points.


Talk of rebuild is going to happen, and it should. But the do we want the regime that has overseen this mess to be in charge of fixing it? Do they have any idea how? What gives you any confidence that they do?

(You can argue about whether or not the front office has been reformed since Sutter. You might say that Feaster and company are new voices, whereas I see them as stooges brought in to give sanction to King's meddling. The fact that since Darryl was fired the direction of the team has not changed (the twin philosophies of 'Jarome + Miikka = Cup', and 'Eighth place and then anything can happen') is evidence in my cases favour, I would suggest.)

That's what is most worrisome to me. That the fools who broke this thing will be put in charge of putting it together again.

These are the same people, after all, who don't see the problem with the Flames goal song.

(This post is about me wanting the front office fired so adding the furthermore seems redundant.)


  1. I think they should play "Cotton Eye Joe" more often.

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