Friday, February 22, 2013

Cervenka Benched For Aliu?

Fire everyone. Why? Read the title of this post. QED.

Seriously...they are benching a guy who can play in the top six for..Akim Aliu.?

They are benching a guy who's contract is up at the end of this year for...Akim Aliu.

If you wanted to write something satrical about the Flames poor roster choices, this would be it, wouldn't it? But its not satire. Its real. Really, really, real.

Someone needs to get Bob Hartley on camera saying "I think taking Cervenka out of the lineup and putting Aliu in the lineup will increase our teams chances of winning." 

I'm sure the problem here is that he thinks its a good idea, but he just hasnt said it out loud yet. I think once he is forced to say it out loud his brain will kick in and he will realize what he is doing is bad.

Maybe Hartley and Feaster are trying to tell us something about their job security. As in, they have enough faith in it they would bench a top six guy for an AHL third liner.

Just amazing.

Furthermore, I think they should all be fired. Im going to stoke out if this is true. Why wont they get O'Reilly?