Thursday, February 9, 2012


Looking at the Flames.

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 Ok. The PP is ranked 12th (18.3%) and the PK is ranked 11th (83.5%). This is across both conferences.

I myself disagree with the chart. The chart is saying the offense is the problem, which, fine, the offense is bad. This is being written under the star that is the trade deadline though, so in that context, the chart (surface read and all that) is saying trade for offense. But I don't agree.

I think with Stempniak and Glencross returning (praise Whalen), and hey you never know Moss may just decide to lace them up this year just for shits and kicks, I think you may be getting some offense in the lineup anyways. Comeau has scored in the past, like Stempniak and even Jackman, so while you can't count on them scoring again, it wouldn't be that surprising to me if they did chip in the odd goal here or there during the stretch run.

Not trying to bullshit or anything, but I think the team is competent in the forwards ranks except for the fact that has a huge whole in the top six, as it only has one centre it can really use there. Backlund and Jones should be the bottom six middle men. I don't see why they should be asked to do more at this point in there careers. If the team could trade for someone who they could play in the top six, fine, wonderful.

But resources are finite. I think the team needs another defenseman. The team ranks 16th in goals against, but, for example, the Blues have let in 62 goals against 5 on 5. There are nine teams that have let in fewer than 100 goals in the league so far, and six of them play in the West. Now, that is a function of games played a little bit, but the point remains: The West has some very good defensive teams in it, and we aren't in that group. We are ranked in the middle though, so the thought, maybe you could make a move that would make you one.

Again, with the limited resources the club has, I don't know if it is going to be able to make a big game affecting move on the defense and on the offense. Maybe it can, who knows, but if you had to choose one or the other, me personally, with the bodies coming back off injury being all forwards, I would try to upgrade the defense.

So on my shopping list would be a capable, veteran NHL centre who could distribute to the scoring wingers he will be playing with in Cammo and Glencross or Tanguay or Jarome and be counted on defensively (ie not Jeff Carter). Probably like on every other GM's list. But I would really focus my resources trying to find a guy who shoots right and could play with Bouwmeester. Pushing Butler down to a 5-6 role where he could play with Sarich (or Hannan) by acquiring a blue liner to play with Bouwmeester, so that I could play Brodie and Gio together as well, would be my goal going into the trade deadline (assuming the organization is indeed going for it).

Although the chart says trade for offense.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What FAN960 Radio Shows Should Look Like

I don't think it's a big secret that we are not in love with the FAN960. (Not just us though, apparently.)

In fact, this little site was born out of frustration with the station. A few years ago the Flames did this cute little trick where they lost nine or ten games in a row. During this glorious streak, they suffered a bad lost against a team and on the radio the next day, the two hosts of the afternoon show, Molberg and Kerr, ignored it. They talked about everything else but the Flames. They talked basketball, I believe, which for the FAN960, is a pretty drastic move.

Losing Mike Richards didn't help matters, and since those two events, my own time spent listening to the FAN has dropped considerably. I listen in the mornings for Peter Mahers hits (so maybe half an hour, probably less), and the Jim Rome show. I don't listen to the afternoon show anymore.

Which is kinda sad. I like to think of myself as an engaged sports fan. I would assume that a marketer would assume I would listen to the station. Yet I don't. So there is a disconnect. A good marketer would look for why it is that I (and the subset that I serve as a generalization for) don't tune in.

There are a variety of reasons, from the way the hosts structure their shows (very poorly), to topics of discussion (again, I bring up basketball as an example. The sports station talks hockey. I get that. Again though, I watch the NHL, NBA, MLB, and the NFL. I am a sports fan, not a hockey nerd.) and a variety of other minutia that I can save for another column. The reason I want to focus on today is the way the station uses it's personnel.

Currently, the station plays primarily two shows. The morning show, and the afternoon show. The morning show has three hosts, Andrew Walker, Dean Molberg, and Rhett Warrener. The afternoon show has two hosts, Pat Steinberg and Bryn Griffiths. What these two shows have in common is that they are terrible. But they do not have to be.

I think Kelly Kirsch, the 'boss' at the station, has done a horrible job with his personnel groupings. He also made a terrible hiring in Bryn Griffiths. Much like Ken King at the Flames, I don't know how he keeps his job. Pictures, I am guessing.

To me, when making personnel groupings, you have to look at what you have. In the morning, the show has Rhett Warrener. That is the asset. The asset isn't Dean Molberg or Andrew Walker. So to me, the only guy who has a cemented spot in the lineup should be Warrener. In the afternoon, it doesn't matter. There is no must listen to guy/ former Flame working the afternoons.

Which means that, to me, running out the same lineups they have been using as a panic move (because Richards left them in the lurch like that) shows a definite lack of foresight, innovation, and creativity on Kirsch's part. It's lazy, I would say.

I see, from my vantage point of outside looking in, two relatively young guys working at the station in Pat Steinberg and Andrew Walker. If I was running the station, I would pair those two together. Similar age, and they both like and actually watch sports (which is more than you can say for Bryn Griffiths). Furthermore, Pat is from Calgary while Walker is from Saskatchewhere. It would make for a nice little oddish couple dynamic, at least in my view.

Which would leave the station with Molberg and Griffiths. Now, I think Molberg and Warrener have some chemistry together on the morning show. The question in my mind is do you take that pair and add another person to it?

You should have a zooish feel to a morning show, and that may mean having more than two talkers on the air. So, should the third person be Bryn? Of course not. Bryn is terrible. Doug Kirkwood is the obvious answer as to who should be the third guy in the booth. But if besides Doug, you could look to add (gasp!) a women to the show. Or you could go with Lafitte (#TeamLafitte).

Whatever. The point of this whole thang is this. To me, the FAN is pretty stale. I think infusing energy into the afternoon show by putting two young guys into it would be a good way to start to freshen it up. I also think you don't lose anything in the morning show if you make the move because people listen for Warrener, not Walker. Bryn is a surplus cost. If you can't fire him, put him on Overtime so me and the rest of the normals don't ever have to hear him. And hire Kirkwood, or a women who sounds hot, or Lafitte to replace Walker in the mornings.

Just spitballin'. Kirsch could even take credit for the ratings boost and I wont say a word.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cowboy Boogie

From the Herald:

Randy Travis Arrested For Public Drunkeness

" ...police found him sitting in his truck, apparently intoxicated, in front of a church... Sanger Police Chief Curtis Amyx said an officer stopped at the church and noticed the smell of alcohol on Travis and saw an open bottle of wine."

Aaaaand mugshot!:


So let's examine this story. for a minute; for 'Countryness'. Checklist styles, yo.

1) Police found him sitting in his truck: Country. Definitely country. One of the canons of the conceptual framework around Country is, in fact, that Thou Shalt Use (a domestic) Truck.

2) Apparently intoxicated: I was originally going to give this one a 'Not Country' rating, because there shouldn't be any room for misdiagnosis when it comes to whether or not you are intoxicated. But, I found the police report (or TMZ did). I think the word 'apparently' has been added out of politeness. Ergo, Country.

3) In front of a church: If that aignt country, it'll hair-lip the pope.

4) Drinking from an open bottle of wine: Now a lot of you are probably thinking: 'Whoa, wine? Record scratch.' Because it seems intuitively Not Country to be have your weapon of choice come from the vine rather than from the field. But before we (me, you, society) condemn this act, let's look for mitigating circumstances. One, it was an open bottle. At least he wasn't pouring it into a glass first. There is something Country 'bout that. And two...and two...uhh, maybe it was watermelon wine?

I'm giving Randy the benefit of the doubt. Country.

4/4. Randy is fucking killing this thang. But wait! There's more! Bonus points time!

If you clicked through the police report, you will find a delightful story about why Randy is out in his truck drinking in front of a church. He and his lady had an argument! She probably booted his ass out! I haven't seen the Grand Ole Opry, and I never met Johnny Cash, but if that aignt Country, you can kiss my ass.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.

Monday, February 6, 2012