Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Projecting 2013-2014 Cap Situations

So Flamesnation ran a story the other day about 'The Flames Pending Cap Problem' and it got me thinking about what the rest of the league will look like when hockey finally starts again in the 2013-2014 season.

The word is that the League wants the salary cap in that year to be ~60 million, so that is the number I chose to use as the cap ceiling for that year.

Drum roll please.

And that is what we get. Purdy, aignt it?

You can take from this chart what you will. I'm gonna comment on some things that peak my interest.

The first thing I noticed, being a huge 'trade for PK Subban' guy, is that the Canadiens are over the 60 million dollar cap for 2013-2014 before free agency even starts (or before they sign PK). If you were to look closer into the Canadiens, you would see that not only are they over the cap, the contracts they have on their books could hardly be considered 'good value' ones. Getting out of that cap hell is going to require some magic. If we can't get PK, maybe we can get Max?

The problem the Flames have is they don't really have any cheap talent they could send over to the Canadiens as compensation. Which brings me to another thing I wanted to comment on: teams that do have some cheap young talent might be able to do very well when teams have to shed contracts. And I don't even mean 'talent' by 'talent', I just mean 'replacement level'. Because there is no way a team that has to get down to the cap will be in a position to bargain for good players from the team they are trying to send salary too.

Actually then, maybe the Flames can swing a trade. Montreal likes short players, so maybe Horak and Byron can be used to get us something. Who knows.

Anyway, enough with my PK fantasy. The other thing I noticed is that the teams that are going to have huge cap space room are also the teams that don't tend to spend to the cap ceiling anyway. The top 5 teams with the most cap space will be: 1) Islanders 2) St Louis 3) New Jersey 4) Anaheim 5) Phoenix. Of those teams, four of them are teams we know to have some sort of financial hardship (and the team I am excluding is the Islanders simply because Wang could spend but chooses not to).

Which brings me to this idea: I'd like to see in the new CBA the ability to trade cap space between teams. I think it's a good idea for everyone involved. The owners who are in it to win it (as the kids say) will be able to put a better product on the ice, owners that want to play cheaply will be given an avenue to do so while being able to stockpile cheap talent (or whatever they exchange for the cap space), and the players union would benefit because cap space that would have gone unused will instead be used on player salaries.

(The only downside of this would be that it rich teams would bid up player salaries and then the owners would have to lock the players out again to police themselves. Again (He says half jokingly).)

Whatevs, yo. That's the chart and it's tots cray cray. (I've run out of things to say)

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


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