Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moustache Open Thread

Adam Henrique, during his CBC post game interview, gave all credit to the power of the moustache.

More on this story as it develops...

Slutty Wednesdays > Handsome Tuesdays.

Although I have to say, if that picture that the paper uses is an indication of the 'slutty' gear these girls are wearing to protest, I am extremely disappointed. Because short and tank tops were normal gear for the girls to rock when I was in highscool.

I was expecting heels, at the very least.

Nancy Pelosi can see dead people.

One of her many talents. And to you people who say 'what talent' just stop right there. You have to have skill to preside over off the worst electoral defeat the Democrats have suffered in decades. It doesn't just happen, you know.

Scott Walker won his election by 7% and people wrote newspaper headlines saying he had 'survived' his recall.

Just silly.

Did Obama 'survive' his election? Because he won with a margin of what, 7% too IIRC. I believe they were calling the Obama victory a 'mandate'.

Fun times.

If you haven't bought your Romney shares at InTrade, I would maybe start thinking about it. Also, If you are in the investor class, do you buy in July or August in anticipation of the Romney electoral win stock market rally?

Because if you needed a weatherman to tell you which way the wind was blowing, you just got it.

Simmers Moustache:


Only four?

What happened, LA? You used to know how to riot. 

Two good reasons to go to Deadspin.

Reminded me of the behind the bench action in the Phoenix series. 

You know what I am talking about.


Man, I don't even know. He's doing much worse shit than the fool in Libya was doing, and the world went in and shot that guy.

I know the standard line is "well the people who take over may be worse" but so what? The people who took over in Egypt are going to be more destabilizing to the region than Mubarak ever was, and the world didn't bat a fucking eye. The people who took over in Libya are Islamists, and the world didn't seem to have a problem with that.

Are Syrians worth less as humans than other people? I don't think so. Yet the 'concerned world community' is certainly acting like they are. And it's despicable.

More people were crying out over some stupid publicity stunt centered around a tiny Ugandan rebel than they are over a modern states use of its modern mechanized army against it's own citizens.

Hilrod had this to say:

“The regime-sponsored violence that we witnessed again in Hama yesterday is simply unconscionable,” she said in Turkey. “Assad has doubled down on his brutality and duplicity, and Syria will not, cannot be peaceful, stable or certainly democratic until Assad goes.”

To which I say: Then go fucking remove him. With a 50 tonne bomb.

On the lighter side of things... Lambo trucks are gangsta.


Kelly Kelly quit wrestling, gang!

Now where am I going to get my soft-core porn fix?

New York high schools, I guess.

Bob Hartley continues to say the right things.

I was not a fan of this hiring at all, but I have to say, everything he has said so far, I am... well, I don't know if I am buying yet, but I certainly appreciate what he is selling.

Of course, I also fully expect to see the Flames play very safe, low event hockey. I'll believe what the team is saying about 'up-tempo' and 'safe is death' when I see it.

Glen Healy is fucking insufferable.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


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