Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Did You Know That Roger Millions Reported That The Flames Will Not Be A Cap Team Next Year?

Yesterday, Roger Millions 'tweeted' that the Flames would no longer be a 'cap team'.

This is big news. If it is true, that is. Which means it probably behooves the people who get paid to cover the team and provide information on the team to the news hungry fans of that team, to, I don't know, maybe ask someone in the organization if it is true.

If you look at the Calgary Sun's sport page, you find nothing.

If you look at the Calgary Herald's sport page, nada. 

Which is weird, right? You would think that the ink stained would have thought to ask.

I don't even necessarily think they have nefarious reasons for not asking. I think they are lazy, myself. Perhaps they are not bright enough to see a story when it lands in their laps.

But here is the point I wanted to make: Thank Whalen for New Media. Because if I was relying on old media, I would never have heard this story, and you probably wouldn't have, either.

To find news on this story, you know where I had to go? Flamesnation.ca. Which has, truth be told, become probably my number one destination for Flames news.

Because they actually cover the news in a timely fashion.

Could the writers at the Sun or the Herald not have put a quick little thing up? They couldn't use their access to, I don't know, lob the front office a phone call? It's not like Ken King and the Flames were down at the Saddledome, talking to season ticket holders or anything.


I mean...right?

To me, 'cap team' means something. It means the team is going to commit money to player salary.

What do I mean by that? Well, When I look at the Flames roster today, I see holes in the top six (and defence. And hey we still don't have a backup!). A 'cap team' would spend money to plug those holes if it didn't have a player in it's system that it could use. A non cap team wouldn't. It would plug a player who is a question mark into that hole, because it doesn't want to spend money, and then live with the results.

So to me, when I hear the Flames are not going to be a cap team, what I hear is that the Flames are going to try and fill their holes with the prospects and minor league players they have on hand.

Which means the team is going to suck.

Finally, the reason why I think people should be a little mad at the Flames if this rumor is true is because this is a type of decision that isn't made on the spur of the moment in a week.

If the Flames plan on not being a cap team next year, for CBA reasons or whatever, they knew about this decision for some time. I highly doubt they just decided on it at the beginning of June.

The club didn't tell the season ticket holders about this when they jacked up prices by 5%.

The club has also not said that it will be reducing ticket prices if it reduces it's commitment to salary.

This makes the club look real scummy, in my opinion, provided the rumor is true.

I lied about that last finally. This is the last point: If it is true, and the club is not going to be a cap team, can't you just see it being an opening move in Murray Edwards attempt to get the taxpayers to build him a new stadium?

Because I can.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired. 


  1. If the purple cherub mayor funds that stadium, I will personally kick him in the balls repeatedly.

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