Friday, May 11, 2012

On The Coaching Rumours

Argh malarg, people. Argh malarg.

So I turn on the radio this morning to hear Dave Rowe talking noise about the following.

1) Troy Ward is being 'strongly' considered for the Flames head coach position.

2) Bob Hartley is being 'strongly' considered for the Flames head coach position.

And then, for whatever reason, I had to start drinking whiskey.

I guess we will start with Ward first.

From my perch a million miles away, and paying very little attention, it appears to me that, quite clearly, Eakins (coach of the Marlies, who the Heat were playing in the playoffs) out-coached Ward badly.

Why do I think this? Besides the Heat going 0/24 on the PP against the Marlies? Because Ward was so frustrated that his team was being shut down by Eakins squad that his big tactical adjustment was to sit the Heat's most dangerous offensive player, Krys Kolanos.

If you don't understand that one either, it means you are lucid.

Now maybe he sat Kolanos because Kolanos was out drinking and partying and raping and murdering before a playoff game. Or maybe Kolanos pointed out that Ward was being out-coached, and was sat for that. I don't know, because the club won't tell us why the head coach scratched Kolanos. All he says is that it was for 'internal reasons'. Which means I have license to speculate, so I don't feel bad about doing so.

But whatever the reason, to me, it doesn't look good on Ward. If Kolanos pulled a Radulov, that means 'the character in the room' that Ward is taking credit for building wasn't all that well built up. If it was because Kolanos was upset with Ward's coaching plan, it means Ward sat a player who could help him win because of ego considerations.

Either way, it doesn't make me want to give a guy who was feeling the pressure in the AHL and acted the way he did the reigns to an NHL team. If he has trouble controlling the room where Kolanos is the 'established guy', what they hell is he going to do when he comes to a room that houses Jarome Iginla?

The other curious move Ward did was not start Irving, the nominal backup for the NHL club, a guy who may end up being the starter if the Flames move Kipper, in these playoffs. Again, I have no idea why, but quotes from Ward seem to indicate Ward is a bit jealous Irving got to the show before he did.

“This year, his development changed and he became the second guy in Calgary at the National Hockey League level. Now he’s getting a little bit of humble pie. And I think that’s great for his development. I think that’s great in life, to get some humble pie.”

Yeah...I don't know why the minor league coach would make the back-up for the NHL squad who needs to play minutes to continue to develop 'eat humble pie' and not give him those said needed minutes. But that's what Ward did. And it should cost him any chance he had of becoming the Flames coach next season.

(Even if Taylor is in cold reality the better goalie, it doesn't matter. Irving needed to play, so the team could further see if they have a guy they should continue investing time and money in or not.)

Ok then, on to Hartley and these rumours that will not die.


What was it, last week or two weeks ago, that some guy went on twitter and said that Hartley was being interviewed by the Flames to fill the vacant head coach position? And then the hockey world laughed so loud that Feaster was forced to comment on the rumour. Feaster told, I think it was Roger Millions, that the Flames had not interviewed anybody and the rumour was bogus.

We all remember that, because we all remember starting to tie ropes around our necks when we heard Hartley may be coming to coach, and we all remember taking the ropes off when we found out it was a bogus rumour. 

Yeah, well, apparently the rumour is only bogus when people are paying attention. Because when the laughter subsided, according to what Dave Rowe reported on QR77 this morning, the Flames went out and indeed put Hartley on their radars, and will consider him for the position of head coach.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your noose's.

It was only yesterday that Millions wrote an article talking about how the Flames were perceived as a backwater, and no real coaches wanted to work with the team. I think this Hartley rumour pretty much confirms that.

Pro tip, Flames. When you float a trial balloon like 'Maybe we will hire Bob Hartley to coach' and the entire world laughs in your face, you shoot the trail balloon. You do not deflate it for a week, and then float it out again when the papers aren't paying attention because they are covering the Heat's playoff loss.

Did you guys notice that Gainey was available for hire? And did you notice the Flames didn't hire him? Even though people like Brent Sutter think the teams management is devoid of people who know what they are doing?


Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. ALso Bryn Griffiths makes me miss the likes of Dave Rowe and Kevin Ussleman. I think the reanimated coprse of Joe Sports would be an improvement.