Tuesday, May 22, 2012

TSN Radio: Flames Are A Joke

(Update: Link to the segment. Click the segment featuring Dreger.) 

Well, they didn't say it out loud like that. They just implied it.

Ok, the scene: Cybulski has a show on the TSNRadio. He has Steve Simmons and Darren Dreger on with him.

They start talking coaching vacancies. Which means they are talking Flames. Sexy.

So DB, what they say?

Well, where to start, because there was so much good stuff.

I don't have a transcript, so all the following is paraphrased.

I wanna start with what concerns me the most, and that is King running hockey operations. Because he totally is, and people aren't indulging in the polite fiction that he isn't anymore.

Paraphrase: "Murray Edwards and Ken King are as hands on as you are ever going to find (in this league), and I don't mean that in a constructive manner."

So not only has DB been on this, now it is confirmed by Bob Mackenzie and Darren Dreger. And King confirmed it himself in that article where Steve MacFarlane let the world know he swallows.

Ken King is the GM of the Flames. Murray Edwards is also the GM. All other opinions will now be mocked terribly, as you would have to be a pom pom waiver to hold a different opinion. There is simply too much evidence to ignore it now.

What else did those TSN Radio guys say? A bunch of ish, mainly on Calgary's head coach search:

1) Feaster has an interview list 10 - 12 candidates deep.

2) Mike Sullivan again mentioned. Dreger also throws out Andy Murray's name. Yes, I hope he was talking about the tennis player, too.

3) They speculated about Dallas Eakins, and if the Flames could even sign him, which would lead to:

4) Hysterical laughter about the prospect that the Flames are actually interviewing Bob Hartley.

5) Steve Simmons goes: "I don't know anybody who has ever said he (Bob Hartley) was a good coach."

6) Ron Wilson gets his name mentioned, which leads to Dreger saying: "Let's be honest, they (King and Edwards) are going to hire someone they can bend."

"Someone they can bend." I think Andrew Walker tweeted this scenario to me a few weeks ago, so at least some people in the media are paying attention. One of the reasons Troy Ward is getting so much consideration, methinks.

7) Even more laughing about how Bob Hartley is getting considered for the job.

And that was about all the airtime the mighty TSN Media Overloads gave to the Flames.

Oh wait. Great line by Simmons on Brent Sutter maybe coaching the Oilers: "Sutter coached Team Canada badly, he had mediocre years in Calgary, didn't make Jersey better...I don't understand the fascination. Is it because he lives an hour away?"

So, to paraphrase my paraphrases: Dreger said that King and Edwards were the most hands on, and not in a good way, 'owners' in the NHL. And they are going to hire a coach who says 'How high?' when they say 'Jump'.

Because, you know, those two know what they are doing. Hockey people, and all that.

So, 10th place again next year, gang? Should be a fun season.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. Sounds like the best candidate for the job would be Gumby if they want someone they can bend. The Flames are screwed until King gets the boot!

  2. The Flames are screwed until Edwards sells them.

  3. Judging from Sutter's comments and the fact that Iginla wasn't benched all year long for his poor defensive play, I can imagine Kings rule is the reason for both. King is operating the flames like a business... not a hockey club. Being on the cusp makes for enough excitement to make him and the owners money. And what is with this Forever a Flame program nonsense? Not retiring McInnis' number is the biggest insult you could give player who contributed largely to your organizations success and your only Stanley Cup.

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