Thursday, May 10, 2012

Talkin' Million Dollar Man's Article

You will forgive me if it is old news, and it has been discussed already or whatever. I haven't been really paying attention. A quick look at FN showed me nobody had posted on it, but if this is regurgitation, my bad.

Anyway, Roger Millions, my preferred Flames PxP guy, wrote an article for SNET that I found interesting.

Here you go, kids.

The article talks about several things. The main talking point that is getting picked up from what I see is that Calgary 'may not' be an attractive destination for coaching talent. Roger writes:

"Rumours are starting to swirl that Calgary isn't exactly the destination of choice for many coaching candidates."

Which, like, shocking, dude. Rogers then goes on to list some reasons why this may be the case. His reasons listed are pretty reasonable. He lists the three straight years out of the playoffs. He lists the lack of top-tier prospects in the organization (before going on to put over a couple of prospects currently under Flames control).

But then he lists another reasons, and this one is, well, it's about the 'Kenspiracy':

"Then there's the thought -- right or wrong -- that Feaster does not have the autonomy to make a decision unencumbered. The organization is adamant that is not the case, but it won't go away."

The Kenspiracy is mainlining like a that chick from Pulp Fiction. The rumours 'won't go away' for a simple reason: It's true. Feaster does not have the autonomy to make a decision unencumbered. Don't believe me? Ask Bob McKenzie. The owners run the show here.

But that isn't really bombshell material to me, because ol' DB has been pushing that storyline for a few years now. What is bombshellish is what Rogers puts out there next:

"Case and point whispers that on the way out Brent Sutter muttered to confidants that John Weisbrod is the only real shining light in Flames management and that Feaster may be overshadowed. That may simply be sour grapes on Sutter's part then again, perhaps not."

Black Rob. Seriously, wowza. Weisbrod is being looked at as the only shining star in Flames management? Ouch. Because...well, Weisbrod isn't a great manager. (Also, here, here, here)

Which part of the team is more shallow, talent in the centre position, talent on the blueline, or talent in the front office? Don't dwell on it too long, as the question promises to throw the ponderer into a Stajan-esque pit of despair.

What I love about all this speculation is that it points to a problem that isn't easily fixed without bloodshed. The owners don't seem to trust the people they hired to run the team, the people hired to run the team don't trust each other, they don't trust the players brought in, and the players don't trust the players brought it. There seems to be 'group disharmony' going on. Sun Tzu says that is a problem.

(Tzu writes of how this problem of group disharmony was solved in a military camp: When the top aristocrat in the area broke a camp rule that applied to all, the camp commander had the aristocrat executed. When the rest of the people saw that the camp commander would kill his superior for breaking rules that applied to everyone, the rest of the people quickly, (what's the modern term of art?) gelled.)

But it's not all doom and gloom from the Million Dollar Man.

"Finally, in a radio interview this past week Feaster suggested trades are in the offing. This time, Jarome Iginla's name is not among them. However, in spite of his no trade clause Defenceman Jay Bouwmeester may be in play."

This news warms my heart to no end. I hope they send JBlow somewhere nice. Like Siberia. Let's dance!

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.