Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Will Be Happy So Long As The New Coach Puts Iginla On The Point During The PP


I mean, everyone is getting bogged down in the mud about rookie coach/veteran coach, players coach or hard ass, smooth and sensitive or rough and gruff. But how about, you know, how is the guy going to use the players he has?

So the first guy to say "I'm going to end the stupidity and finally play Jarome on the point during PP's, and I'm going to play Glencross and Backund as my PK guys, and you will never see Blair Jones out on a shoot out ever again so help me Whalen." is the guy I want coaching the team.

I'll give him my double endorsement if he says "Fuck it, I'm putting an end to breaking out along the boards, too. We are going to play big boy hockey and take that shit though the middle of the neutral zone with some motherfucking speed, motherfuckers!"


Just a stray thought. The conventional wisdom holds that hiring a coach with no...weight to him will not be received well by the veteran locker room. A rookie will get ignored, etc.

Well, why not bring someone in that the veterans couldn't 'ignore'?

Why not make Jay Feaster the coach? Or even Ken King?

I don't think it is as crazy as it looks. Those two guys, for whatever reason, seem to be planning another season of the Jarome and Kipper show. Now, the fact that the Jarome and Kipper show has been unable to get the team into the playoffs for the last three years probably means that no established coach wants to come in here and direct the show for a fourth disappointing season. But yet, here we have the front office seemingly quadrupling down on their bad bet.

To me, if King/Feaster feel that quadrupling down on a bad bet is the way to go, I think it is only...just that one of them stand behind the bench this season. It's their clusterpuck of a roster, after all. It's a clusterpuck of a roster the hockey world has been laughing at for at least two seasons now. Isn't about time they take a little responsibility for it?

I think they should man up. Jay Feaster or Ken King should be behind the bench, especially if they choose to hold on to Kipper and Iggy.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


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