Friday, May 18, 2012

“He's like John Wayne on the mound. He commands that respect.”

(That quote is from Don Baylor.) 

Kerry Wood. Mark Prior. Dynasty.

And then the Baseball Gods, with an assist from the Lizard Man. And aided by the devilish henchman, Steve Bartman.

Gang, I'm a Cubs fan, and all Cubs fans fell in love with that 03 team. And he was the ass kicking Texan on that club, which made him The Man on the team.

The Man is supposed to be immortal, you know?

I wanna remember the good times.

Kerry Wood once struck out 20 batters in a game.

And here is Kerry Wood cementing himself into Cubs lore.

Damn. I gotta tell you, when that happened, it was over. The Cubs were going to the World Series, baby. The Yankees were old; the Cubs had pitchers who hit home runs. Goats across the world were pissing themselves in fear at the prospects of the grand comeuppance that was about to happen.

Enter Steve Bartman. But as every Cubs fan knows, it was the play immediately after that ripped our hearts out. A routine ground ball is hit to SS. The Cubs have Alex Gonzalez manning the position; Gonzalez had the highest fielding percentage in the MLB of any SS that year. And he drops the ball.

I'm going to cry thinking about it.

Here is Kerry Wood's last mound moment. 

I've said this many times: There's one other pitcher [besides Kerry] that I recall that on any given day is unhittable—and that was Sandy Koufax. I feel very strongly about that. … Kerry Wood is in that category because of the velocity he throws with. Plus, he has a breaking ball. I know I shouldn't be stacking Kerry Wood up against the great Sandy Koufax, but to me, he is in the Koufax neighborhood.” - Quoteth the Great Ron Santo.


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