Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Back The Dump Trunk

More Cervenka.

So I was lurking the CP, and someone there found and google translated an article that had been written about Cervenka in some silly non English language called 'European'.

This one right here.

And what I found cute about the article is that Cervenka talks about how the Flames courted him. Did the Flames go sweet and subtle or aloof and hard to get?

Neither, apparently. The Flames pitch woo like Cole Hamels pitches Bryce Harper: 90 miles an hour in your face.

How ever there were negotiations?
It all started over agents. Representatives of Calgary during the playoffs arrived in Russia, so I have seen them too. They told me their vision and I liked it of course. Acted with the greatest interest and quickly.
What is the vision?
They just talk, you'll have everything uhrát itself, but want to give me a chance. They want me to play in two lajnách me to be much on the ice. I am especially pleased to have this early clarity about their future and that I can prepare in peace for the season.
Did you have the NHL and other offers?
We have been in contact with other clubs, but Calgary started first. For me it was very important that you are the only way for me did to Russia. Others probably relied on the fact that I go to the World Cup and that will solve everything there. But I was right after the end of the season to ninety percent of the decisions for Calgary.
That will certainly be perfectly mapped. What do you know about the club and the city you?
About the city do not know much, but I have an overview of the team. I know what players are signed for next season and how they plan for the future.
Are you satisfied with the terms of the contract?
As a freshman I could only get two-way, but they offered me the most I could get. But i guess you know that in my case is not about money this year. That amount is $ 3,775,000 including bonuses, which is very difficult to achieve. So in fact the other money.
 So, to translate the translation: Calgary showed up, and made it known pretty early in the process that it wanted to bed Cervenka. Cervenka was flattered that a senior would be so into a freshman like him, that he blushed and blushed hard. Then the Flames broke out the silver tongues, and hyped the kid up about how much action he would get from them. Cervenka must have been horny as all get out at this point, and that's when the Flames went from horseplay to foreplay, and made it rain on the kid.

Strip club romance, kids.

Again, to recap: Promised of ice time and a promise of a specific role with the club. Gee, what could go wrong here?

The other thing to note is that I think this was pretty much the same strategy the team employed on Erixon when it was trying to get him to sign; promise of max available contract, and promises about role and ice time. The main difference seems to be time engaged. In Erixon, the team waited until the last moment to try and sign him, and with Cervenka, the club went in heavy early to get the player they wanted signed.

At least the organization seems to be learning lessons.

I myself am not huge on promising minutes and roles to players who have yet to play a single game in the NHL. Not because I think the Flames will need to honour that commitment, but because if the kid busts and then doesn't get his minutes he is going to pout and I don't think you want unhappy campers in camp.

The other semi-interesting thing which I am sure you all also noticed is that Cervenka seems to be under the impression that this organization actually has plans about what it is doing in the future. Which is a bit of a shock to me, because the organization, to my eyes, has been operating without a plan since they traded Phaneuf.

Is this talk of the Flames organization's 'vision' just some sweet nothings the Flames whispered in Cervenka's ear? Or do you guys think it could actually be a true, honest to Whalen thang?

Actually, one more thing: If the Flames are already deciding the ice time of players, why do they even need to hire a coach? I mean, if Ken King can allocate minutes from the owners box in May, surely he can do it from behind the bench in October.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


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