Friday, April 13, 2012

Lanny 2012

Good interview with The Man on the FAN960 morning show today.

The show producer put up a link to it. HERE IS THE LINK.


Lanny would have started the rebuild. Two years ago. He seems to have some strange notions about how kids play with more enthusiasm, and how hockey teams should be fast and skilled. It's really insane.

Lanny for President. Lanny for GM. #Lanny2012.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. Pretty strong words coming out now after missing the playoffs three consecutive years.

    Hindsight is great when it comes to stating the obvious obvious that a rebuild should have started earlier. Anyone with half a brain should see that now. There were a few people talking about it then but nobody said much publicly.

    If he had come out and said something at the time I might put a little more stock into it but now it sure seems like campaigning.

  2. Are you saying, RT, that Lanny has the ability to see which way the winds are blowing? Because, as you say, people could see where they were blowing years ago, yet King wasn't able too.

    Campaign away, #9.

    The rumour was (correct if wrong) that When King got the Prez job Lanny was pissed. I love that he is coming out now that King is in a weakened position. Love it.

    1. DB my point was waiting until now is somewhat disingenuous. If he really disagreed with the way things were going, and wasn't all that cool with the Flames at the time, why wait until now?

      Piling on after the fact and saying "I saw it coming" without having said anything is horseshit.

      Maybe moving into a bigger role with the Flames is his end game but if that's the case why wait until Feaster is entrenched? It would have made more sense to do it before there was an AGM in place.

      If he has his eye on KK's job I think he'll find that running a multi million dollar enterprise is a lot tougher than reading a card that says "tell 'em Lanny sent you" on the radio.

    2. In fairness to Lanny, Ken King and Jay Feaster are currently employed in those jobs. Bremner was doing it before King. I therefore doubt those jobs require degrees in rocket surgery.

      Lanny is in with the energy guys. I would think he could pull one of them into being the actual nuts and bolts manager guy.

    3. I also hear things about personal beef between King and Lanny, which would explain why he would stay quiet until King is somewhat in the headlines to say his shit. At least that is the way I read the thang.

  3. Kony smack cracks me up. Domebeer-aholics, you guys are the best.

  4. Lanny was pissed. Funny thing is he said everything that the FAN just dillydallies around.

    1. Ive noticed, and it isn't just this Lanny interview, that the Fan has been standing apart a little this time around in terms of the criticism of the org. Having guys like Keenan and Lanny on when they know they might pipe off is a huge in moving the needle from "censored" to "tell all". Cause the Eric Francis's and the Calgary Herald are staying true to the regime. Good for the Fan. The K2 is clearly in a weakened position.