Monday, April 2, 2012

How Is Jay Feaster Still Employed

I don't even have a rant or anything. Because to me it is pretty simple: Until there is a management team in place that actually knows what the fuck they are doing, the Flames are going to continue to suck.

The Flames have been out of the first round of the playoffs one time since 1989. One time. That speaks volumes.

Hey Calgary: You are doing it wrong.

I don't think the people are stupid. But I do think the people don't know. So if you tell the people you have a playoff team, and then you end up not having it, I think it is easy for people to then blame the players. But I don't think it is correct. If someone builds you a stock portfolio and sells you on it by promising 10% return, and it doesn't perform up to expectations, you don't blame the stocks, you blame the person who built the portfolio!

I'm not saying don't blame the players. If this team was a complete one, if it didn't have a giant, gaping, Roseanne Barr vagina of a hole on the defence, and if they had a guy who could legitimately play top six centre minutes with Jarome, then it would be a different story, and blaming the players would be extremely appropriate.

But the Flames are not a complete team. They really are not even close to being one. (For example, they were icing Matt Stajan and Mike Cammalleri in top six centre minutes, and playing But7er top four defence minutes). And the people paid to know that, Ken King, Jay Feaster, and Brent Sutter, looked at the roster, and guaranteed a playoff spot.

Now management wants their allies in the media to ratchet up the heat on the players, because management wrote a cheque the players couldn't cash? You want to talk about the players lack of character? Fish rots from the head down, people.

Nobody put a gun to Jay Feaster's head and made him guarantee that a weak team would make a playoff spot. To me, that is a display of spectacularly bad judgment. Quick question: Do we want people who have displayed spectacularly bad judgment running this team? I don't think we do; How does Jay Feaster have a job? How are there not articles and columns talking about how the management has destroyed this team?

To me, the issue is just that. Management isn't up to the task. I don't see how you pen columns on whether or not the team should trade Jarome when the issue that immediately precedes 'Trade Jarome' is 'Are These People Even Capable Of Trading Jarome'?

Besides, everyone knows the real issue that concerns the fans is who the fuck is going to get Rob Kerr's suck out of the play by play booth. 

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. You always seem to hit the nail right on the head. Management team do not know how to run a business even if the Financial post hit them right between the eyes and further more as an analogy the Flames are the Blackberry of the NHL continuing to do the same while others change for improvement and wonder why they are getting left in the dust.

  2. Hey DB, you remember when I said your D corps were going to be weak as hell and you told me the kids were going to be ready to play? Those were good times. Now it is a "Rosanne Barr vagina" gaping hole on D.

    Of course, your D is still better than my squad's, a fact that Tambellini can't seem to get his head around.

  3. Yeah but in my version the club had Brad Richards on it...and yeah, still wouldn't have helped. JBlow has simply busted too hard.

    I would keep Brodie and Gio. Brodie and But7er on the 5-6 pair, Gio and 'someone good' on the 2-3, and 'someone really good' and 'someone good-really good' on the 1-2. I would take JBlow out to the woods, let him out, and just drive away.

    But fuck, again, the point is that the people paid to know didn't.

  4. Feaster is the GM because no one smart wants to take over this POS team. And who in their right mind wants Edwards' hand up their ass?

  5. Feaster has a job because ownership wants "yes" men in management positions. GM of the Calgary Flames is basically just a secretary for ownership.

  6. This is an absolute mess (and getting worse) and what kills me is that I saw it the day they hired Feaster as AGM. Watch them fire Feaster (next year) and promote Weisbrod. Oh geez...I'll be retired and on my way to a nursing home the day they finally clean up the mess. But honestly...if they do keep this up, the mess may never be cleaned.

  7. Guys, you are ignoring the real issue. DB hit it on the head. Who is going to replace Kerr?

  8. I was going to write a long post similar to this myself but I got so angry while staring at a blank word page while thinking of everything I wanted to say about King & Edwards, Feaster, & Sutter. In all honesty the answer is simple. Fire King. Fire Feaster. Fire Sutter.

    The problem is this won't happen until Flames fans stop living in denial and blindly supporting the franchise. I've written about this before. How every year, it's the same dark pit of delusion and denial that "if only this year every team member comes to play to their full potential." Well, I'm still waiting for Jay Blow, Alex Tanguay, Mike Cammalleri, Rene Borque (oops), Tim the Wolf Jackman, Comeau, Stajan, etc, etc, the list goes on, to play to their potential. Maybe the golf course will see better talent arise, they should after all be well practised by now. The real fact is. These players aren't some special mysterious solution to the aches and pain of the Calgary Flames. Hell, they're not even a good dose of hemorrhoid cream for the pain in the ass that is Ken King.

    This team has not been managed well -ever- if you ask me. Even when we did win the 89 cup and every successive management team since has managed it the same way as the one before it. It's high time fans demanded better from their management. It's high time, flames fans goto the last few games and chant fire Sutter, fire Feaster, fire King. It's high time the Flames fans look at how, and this is the one thing that makes me the most angry, management has alienated and marginalized critical flames fans opinions. This whole business from King at the last 2 town hall meetins about, how Flames fans are of three types: diehard supporters, "mouth breathers," and on the fencers is a true insult to those fans. This pisses me off. First of all, I pay your 6 figure salary as a fan of this organization. I pay for your million dollar ranch just outside the city on the way to high river and you have the audacity to call me the person who has supported this franchise financially despite the shitty product you've produced for 26 years through the good and the bad, a "mouth breather" because I am sick of losing and I have a critical eye about the problems facing this organization? Well to me, that's a big FUCK YOU In the face for the support. So to that I say. FUCK YOU back. I will not buy another season ticket, another Flames jersey, or pay for cable to watch the flames play until Feaster/King are fired and they start rebuilding this franchise not just with talent but with a true strategy in mind to be successful all the time.

    All hail those who are willing to stand up to their Franchises. FIRE KING, FIRE KING, FIRE KING, FIRE FEASTER, FIRE FEASTER, FIRE FEASTER.

  9. "It's high time the Flames fans look at how, and this is the one thing that makes me the most angry, management has alienated and marginalized critical flames fans opinions."

    Couldn't agree with you more. All you had to do was listen to the Fan back when Kerr was hosting the drive home show and OT. He was a gustapo to this policy and he got rewarded for his loyalty. And good for him and his career. But unfortunately its the fans who suffer the most at the end of the day. I wouldn't doubt that Iron Mike was critical of Flames management along the same lines of the "critical Flames fans" and that's why he was shown the door and blackballed in the process. I don't doubt Butter is critical too, there just isn't the easy out like there was with Keenan. Iron Mike was an easy fall guy because of his prior reputation. But let's call a spade a spade...that shorthanded Flames team that Iron Mike coached made the playoffs and he dealt with major locker room issues. This team is an absolute farce yet The Feast will surely have the audacity to blame injuries and whatever else. I promise you that dressing room is Disneyland compared to what was going on just a few years ago.

  10. The forgotten manApril 3, 2012 at 8:27 PM

    Why is Fatster still employed...

    Why is Obama President?? How does Grimace become Mayor of Calgary??? Alas DB, as we learn with age, besides all the bullshit our elementary teachers fed us... that the world is not, I repeat not, a Meritocracy, but an ass-kissing, butt-licking, nepotistic, cronyistic, shit rises to the top Kleptocracy whereby the bad guy usually gets the girl and the good guy gets a gold star. What I am saying is that Fatster and K-squared being employed all makes sense and our jobs as Flames Fans is to bend over and say thank you as King rams another JBlow jersey up our collective asses. I have already swallowed the red pill and washed it down with the fucking Cherry koolaid...resistance is futile, why fight the power...season ticket renewal I am sure is over 97 percent and Baertschi home and away jerseys are already being cranked out somewhere in butt fuck China.
    (rant over)

  11. The worst thing that happened to the Flames was the run in 2004, just before the lockout. Not letting to of success that was basically a fluke, keeping together a core that caught lightning in a bottle and would never catch it again has set this franchise back 10 years. The Flames will not make the playoffs until later this decade, if at all. The Oilers are still terrible, and have been rebuilding for 5 years now. The Flames are in a lot worse shape than those flukey Oilers of 2006. I think the worst part is, the Flames are spending at the salary cap ceiling, and have an atrocious product to show for it. Not to mention only one seemingly good prospect (Baertschi) to show for it. The future is grim. The karma you get for shitting on Oilers fans these past few years is gonna be brutal.

  12. Feaster for the most part has made good moves. Too early to call for his head. He has been cleaning up D Sutter's mess.

    Now Ken King, B Sutter, confused ownership, have at it but Feaster oversaw what is looking like one of the best drafts for Calgary in awhile with Sven and Johnny G etc.

  13. Look at what Kekelainen did with the Blue Jackets. He seems to have a knack for spotting good players. Is Feaster's problems with the draft, or does he just trade away players who aren't well developed and spends too much on wrecks?