Monday, April 9, 2012

Are You Sure?

Lots of rebuild talk. Lots and lots of rebuild talk. Talk, talk, talk, talkity, talk, talk.

This player should go, that player should go, etc. Not a lot of talk, however, about whether the people tasked with the task are up to the, err, task.

Ken King traded Dion Phaneuf for Matt Stajan.

Jay Feaster traded Brad Richards for Mike Smith.

John Weisbrod traded Tracy McGrady for Steve Francis.

So I ask again, are you all so sure? Are you all so sure you want these people making one of the most important decisions in franchise history?

These are the people who brought you a full season of 'Rob Kerr and Charlie Simmer play the morgue'. These are the people responsible for the decision to play 'Barbra Streisand' after the Flames score a goal at home.

And are you so sure?

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. Mike Smith eventually turned out to be a pretty decent goalie . . .

    The trade of Phaneuf for Stajan would have been palatable because it got rid of the unfrozen caveman defenceman's ridiculous play and stupid cap hit so there was only one overpaid D_man who couldn't score. The real travesty was in extending Stajan.

    1. The lack of due diligence in trading Phaneuf is what fires me up. A week before that trade, Burke is on the record complaining about the fact he can't get anyone to take his offers seriously. The guy couldn't even get a bag of pucks for any combo of the assets on his squad. Yet the Flames make that deal. It's absolutely ridiculous it went down. Burke had to have thought Daz was messing with him when he made the call (and I'm sure the call came from the Flames not Burke). Honestly just putting Phaneuf on the market would have yielded some better offers...shoot, they could have fleeced the Thrashers errrr Jets or even the Panthers for the sole value of tickets sales.

  2. For PHX. As a free agent. Terrible trade.

    DB...can you get on the fire Kerr stuff anytime?

    1. I know. Also several years after the fact. I thought my feelings on that trade were obvious.

  3. That's why I say as long as King, Feaster, or Weisbrod have jobs with the Flames rebuild in any shape, form, or fashion.

    Thanks for the Orlando Magic reference but more importantly for the shedding a light on Weisbrod and his shortcomings...cause after all, he is the next GM of the Flames. Better we start preparing ourselves for an even bigger shit show now than when they fire Feaster in two years. Much like being a "contributor" at THN after being let go by TB (as I consistently point out) as being the only hockey job a Stanley Cup winning GM could get; until this season John Weisbrod has been an amateur scout throughout Dwight Howard's 7 year career. That begs the question...the resume clearly has high end professional sports management experience...yet no NHL executive position until now? That's right, his eye for talent is the reason Boston won the Stanley Cup last year and Chiarelli let him walk. Weisbrod's no David me...and he fired Doc Rivers too.

  4. That's the kicker, isn't it? He fired Doc Rivers. Who the fuck fires Doc Rivers? He also called T-Mac, who boasts a career playoff points per game mark of 30 a game, 'not a winner' or something.

    RT...Smith for Richards is just bad. It may look better now, but it was bad and didn't help TB out any (in terms of usable assets). The real travesty was extending Stajan for sure. Not signing Ilya with the capspace created by trading Dion makes me cry when I think about it.

    MP...We will start the fire Kerr once I calm down about the terrible management, and the media's cheerleading of said terrible management.

  5. Griffiths is actually stating an opinion... It brings a tear to my eye... It's been so long since there was discussion on the afternoon show.

  6. If Murray makes them stick to the status quo, then we continue to get status quo - sucking just enough balls to get the worst possible non-playoff-team draft pick every year.

    Or, Murray makes them shake shit up. Then either the team gets better or it fails even worse and we get new management.

    Rebuild is win-win isn't it?


  7. Its all business....

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