Saturday, March 24, 2012

Murray Edwards Is So Fate He Waddles Like A Duck When He Walks

To me, it is pretty simple.

If the organization cares about ticket sales, it will keep Ken King. Ken King will keep this bunch together, mumble something about injuries, and throw money at free agents who will ultimately sign elsewhere. He will not trade veterans. He will ignore the gaping holes in the defence. And the club will finish 11th or worse.

If the organization cares about winning, it will fire Ken King. It will fire his crony Feaster, and it will not renew the contract of Brent Sutter.

If the organization cares about winning, it would not settle on failed retreads like Wiesbrod and Hartsburg to replace Feaster and Sutter, either.

Three years out of the playoffs And how many years removed is this club from actually having a legitimate chance to win a Stanley Cup? Five or six? And Ken King has the peculiar genius to be able to managed this trick while working with an unlimited budget.

Enough is enough. The current management crew has proven themselves incapable. Perhaps a newspaper editor is not the best person to have running hockey operations.

The fans have been very, very good to the Flames. It's time the Flames returned the favour, and start putting people in place to run this team who know what they are doing. Grasping at straws has proven itself a poor strategy for long term success.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


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