Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Google Keeps Killing The Rosa

I don't know why it does it. I had to do a loop around the blogger upload system to even get it to accept a .gif in the first place. Maybe the immune system of the thing catches on after a period of time. I have no idea why it wants to take away those swinging hips from everyone.

Maybe blogger is uncomfortable with girls?

Anyways people, SVEN!

(Actually, the cynic in me is all like, really? Didn't you have the Winnipeg game sold out already?)


  1. Pretty poor showing for this week's lineup DB.

  2. Huh? Who don't you like? I got hot asian chick wearing fuck me pumps, russian girl who looks totally disinterested, and a hot blonde. WHAT ABOUT THIS SETUP DISPLEASES YOU?

  3. The forgotten manMarch 8, 2012 at 8:29 PM

    Turf the Russian...

  4. purged in stalinist fashion, comrades

  5. The Russian was a concern. Also is Taylor Swift playing D? Is that really a "hot blonde"?

    Maybe I'm wrong but I think your tastes are getting more and more anorexic. I don't mind a slim chick but some of these look like corpses.


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