Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flames Win Super Tuesday

I'm conflicted. I kinda want the team to lose a lot of games so we can get a decent pick.

Fuck it. We won. Rosa.

Also, Rob Kerr is just an awful PxP guy. We basically have a season's worth of evidence to confirm it. I don't want to have anybody come up in here going "Well you need at least 3 years and 1000 sponsor reads worth of data to make a judgement" either. The guy is terrible.

You know, most guys have to pay their dues in some bodunk little no name village for years before they get a shot at the big leagues. That's why when they make it to the bigs they sound polished. They have the experience, but also they don't want to go back to calling games in no name villages again.

Rob Kerr got his job on the basis of a friendship with Ken King. And it shows.  

Rob Kerr leads the league in Bore-si.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. I think Kerr did PBP in small town Sask for a few years. He probably had as much PBP experience as Loubardias did when he first got the SN gig.

    I'm sure that his friendship with KK had a lot to do with it but it isn't like he just rolled in off the potato truck either.

    Of course, having experience and being good are not necessarily interchangeable. I'd stillmuch rather have Kerr on the Fan than the vocal abortion that is Bryn Griffiths.

  2. God I hate to say it but I think Kerr's been much better than Loubardias ever was.

    SN made the right decision with that move. Except that the afternoon show n FAN960 blows chunks now.

  3. I'd rather hear Frankie call games than Rob.

  4. I'm an annoying, brown nosing loud mouth who will do absolutely anything right now to save my a job I am absolutely not qualified to have; including making people believe that calling up a junior hockey prospect will be game changing and season saving for the franchise I've been instructed to run into the ground. Who am I?

  5. Oh Gosh ,now there battling for the puck in the corner,while mikka is sending unapropiate glares to the oppisition....who am I Kerr is weak like a friggin rust spot...I'd rather listen to a auctioner call the game....And Bren is a complete idiot....Every other word is "I'll be looking forward to it" or "it's going to be fun" while the next segment he's refering to is like 10 seconds away,interviewing the guy from big cheif big jerky.....Bren you are friggin bi curious and remind me of the goonies.... does any body know where i can listen to slater (nervous kid) bit from the mike richards days? And yes feaster is a cookie monster!!!!just wait till sven plays against the jets, Its gonna be a hogwash of lawyer talk to get all us corraled...... Bomb now lets hit the lotto allready.....F*ck Sakes allready