Thursday, March 29, 2012

Feaster Got His Job As GM Of Tampa Bay Because His Predecessor Guaranteed The Club Would Make The Playoffs And It Didn't.

From wiki:

"By mid February as injuries began to mount, it became clear that the Lightning would miss the playoffs and Dudley was fired. The GM had made a preseason guarantee that the team would make the playoffs. His assistant Jay Feaster was named the team's fourth general manager."

Which is all sorts of hilarious because of: (link)

"Still, Feaster isn't afraid of making guarantees. "We'll make the playoffs this year," he said."

Actually, one more hilarious line jumped out up at me from that article:

"Obviously Robyn is a loss, but we do feel good about our blue-line," Feaster said. "We like the group that we have. We feel very, very good about Jay Bouwmeester and Mark Giordano – we think that they're two of the top defencemen in the league."

He felt good about one of the worst bluelines this club has assembled in a quite some time. I mean, seriously. Do I even need to comment?

One last thing: At some point in last nights game, I saw Iggy hanging in the neutral zone waiting for a puck to come out, while the rest of the four guys on the ice were in our zone playing D. That's a pretty big 'fuck you' to Brent Sutter. It's been three years and the guys on the ice don't respect him. What a great coach though, just look at his record coaching junior kids. I mean, get real people.

And Kerr play by play is a bad joke. Hopefully this season spurs the owners of this club to start putting qualified people into positions, and not boot-licking lackeys. But somehow I doubt it.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.

PS Here is a link to a transcript of Feaster's guarantee: The link of the video in that article is dead, though. If anybody has it, post it. In it's place I offer video of someone posted of Feaster's epic kayfabe breaking promo that he dropped to hype up buy rates for trade deadline day.



  1. DB you should throw your hat into the ring. You are so well liked by KK that you should be in charge of running the popcorn recycling dept at the dome in no time at all.

  2. Finally; A job I'm qualified for!

  3. Duh. The guy finagled his job in TB the same way he finagled it in YYC. Freaking joke. AGM to a GM who was on life support, I saw that coming a mile away.

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