Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chris But7er Paraphrase: We Play With Fear

I didn't find the video, so if anyone does please post the link.

It was in the post-game interview. I assume people saw, but I wanted to post this for posterity.

Brent Sutter committed coaching suicide tonight. If you disagree there is a strong chance you also happen to draw a cheque from the Flames in some capacity. Probably a beat writer, radio host... you know, the salesmen, err, journalists.

But But7er's post game interview was insightful. He basically said the team plays scared when it has a lead, simply wants the clock to tick down so they can get out of there. They play not to lose; they don't play to win. They play scared. They play with fear.

A professional hockey player said this. Out loud. In front of a camera.

Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. Fear. That's not a word you want bandied about is it? This next comment is strictly for the people who actually play the game: Fear?

I don't know how else to say it. If you play, you know what I mean. Because if you play, you know: You cannot show fear. Period. It's a machismo thing, but it isn't exclusively male: You can't show fear in Ringette for fucks sake.

Fear? In a competition. Fear?

Fear? Fear. Chris But7er said the team gets scared. WHEN THEY HAVE THE LEAD!

I don't know what colour the sky is in like 80% of the Flames fan's world. I really think a majority of the fanbase is fucking mouthbreather. But surely everyone can get behind the notion that when a player on your team says that they get scared when they get the lead, something is all sorts of fucked up.

Seriously, the gladiator is scared? That means the gladiator thinks, no, knows he is going to lose before he steps out on the fucking field.

These guys don't trust each other, and they don't trust the coach. You know how I know? THEY ADMITTED TO BEING FUCKING SCARED WHEN THEY GET A LEAD!

Brent Sutter Is A Mumbling Clusterfuck Failure Of A Coach.

Sorry, by the way, after Coach Retard plays Stajan, Stempniak, Jones, and Comeau in the playoffs (in a must win), which is a fucking retarded thing to do, Coach Retard has a hissy fit and skips out of doing the post game conference.

Wow. What a fucking Stajan.

Tiny testicle bitch. He rolls the dice on the shootout, in, like we said, retarded fashion, and he doesn't even have the personal honour to face the music for his decision.

Fish rots from the head down, I guess. You want to talk about a lack of character, I'd point to that as being exhibit number one.

Makes him a punk. Brent Sutter is a fucking punk. That's not me being a hater. Sutter gambled, lost, and then sent his sidekick out to deal with the press. Punk bitch move.

Coward move. No wonder this club plays scared.

Brent Sutter Is A Mumbling Clusterfuck Failure Of A Coach.

Third update. Think about your own personal life. Think back to when you had to take a test or something. Think about a time you had to compete.

Why do people become scared? It is because they are not prepared. That is why the military drills the fuck out of front line troops: so in their heads they have a gameplan, so when shit hits the fan they don't get scared.

Could But7er be scared, could the team be playing scared, because they don't trust their coach has prepared them properly?

Seeing as Coach Retard is a mumbling clusterfuck of a failure for a coach, I think the answer is probably yes. 

Brent Sutter Is A Mumbling Clusterfuck Failure Of A Coach.


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