Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What FAN960 Radio Shows Should Look Like

I don't think it's a big secret that we are not in love with the FAN960. (Not just us though, apparently.)

In fact, this little site was born out of frustration with the station. A few years ago the Flames did this cute little trick where they lost nine or ten games in a row. During this glorious streak, they suffered a bad lost against a team and on the radio the next day, the two hosts of the afternoon show, Molberg and Kerr, ignored it. They talked about everything else but the Flames. They talked basketball, I believe, which for the FAN960, is a pretty drastic move.

Losing Mike Richards didn't help matters, and since those two events, my own time spent listening to the FAN has dropped considerably. I listen in the mornings for Peter Mahers hits (so maybe half an hour, probably less), and the Jim Rome show. I don't listen to the afternoon show anymore.

Which is kinda sad. I like to think of myself as an engaged sports fan. I would assume that a marketer would assume I would listen to the station. Yet I don't. So there is a disconnect. A good marketer would look for why it is that I (and the subset that I serve as a generalization for) don't tune in.

There are a variety of reasons, from the way the hosts structure their shows (very poorly), to topics of discussion (again, I bring up basketball as an example. The sports station talks hockey. I get that. Again though, I watch the NHL, NBA, MLB, and the NFL. I am a sports fan, not a hockey nerd.) and a variety of other minutia that I can save for another column. The reason I want to focus on today is the way the station uses it's personnel.

Currently, the station plays primarily two shows. The morning show, and the afternoon show. The morning show has three hosts, Andrew Walker, Dean Molberg, and Rhett Warrener. The afternoon show has two hosts, Pat Steinberg and Bryn Griffiths. What these two shows have in common is that they are terrible. But they do not have to be.

I think Kelly Kirsch, the 'boss' at the station, has done a horrible job with his personnel groupings. He also made a terrible hiring in Bryn Griffiths. Much like Ken King at the Flames, I don't know how he keeps his job. Pictures, I am guessing.

To me, when making personnel groupings, you have to look at what you have. In the morning, the show has Rhett Warrener. That is the asset. The asset isn't Dean Molberg or Andrew Walker. So to me, the only guy who has a cemented spot in the lineup should be Warrener. In the afternoon, it doesn't matter. There is no must listen to guy/ former Flame working the afternoons.

Which means that, to me, running out the same lineups they have been using as a panic move (because Richards left them in the lurch like that) shows a definite lack of foresight, innovation, and creativity on Kirsch's part. It's lazy, I would say.

I see, from my vantage point of outside looking in, two relatively young guys working at the station in Pat Steinberg and Andrew Walker. If I was running the station, I would pair those two together. Similar age, and they both like and actually watch sports (which is more than you can say for Bryn Griffiths). Furthermore, Pat is from Calgary while Walker is from Saskatchewhere. It would make for a nice little oddish couple dynamic, at least in my view.

Which would leave the station with Molberg and Griffiths. Now, I think Molberg and Warrener have some chemistry together on the morning show. The question in my mind is do you take that pair and add another person to it?

You should have a zooish feel to a morning show, and that may mean having more than two talkers on the air. So, should the third person be Bryn? Of course not. Bryn is terrible. Doug Kirkwood is the obvious answer as to who should be the third guy in the booth. But if besides Doug, you could look to add (gasp!) a women to the show. Or you could go with Lafitte (#TeamLafitte).

Whatever. The point of this whole thang is this. To me, the FAN is pretty stale. I think infusing energy into the afternoon show by putting two young guys into it would be a good way to start to freshen it up. I also think you don't lose anything in the morning show if you make the move because people listen for Warrener, not Walker. Bryn is a surplus cost. If you can't fire him, put him on Overtime so me and the rest of the normals don't ever have to hear him. And hire Kirkwood, or a women who sounds hot, or Lafitte to replace Walker in the mornings.

Just spitballin'. Kirsch could even take credit for the ratings boost and I wont say a word.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. I started listening to the morning show again a few weeks ago. I hated Walker when he first started but he's gotten way better. Having said that he can't carry a show by himself yet. Also Boomer destroys him in arguments, which is really really sad.

    Overall though the shows stink. Losing Richards really sucked. Ah well.

  2. They have to do something. It's clear the show's have gone down hill the past year or so.Warrener didn't start out too well but it was a change for him and he has come along way. Deffinetly I listen more because of him than the other's. The afternoon show used to be ok too, now I can't turn it on. I can't take the chance and turn it on when I am driving, especially if I'm going over the Calf Robe because if Loubo's voice comes on I am going in and probably taking a couple more with me. Do they really want this on their conscience?

  3. If it's possible, the cadence of Loubo's speaking is worse than his play-by-play.
    Griffiths is unbearable because he tries waaaay too hard to be PC and not offend anyone, so he just outright avoids defending any points he tries to make.
    Been listening to the afternoon show today with Brad Curle, and he is good shit.

    I still have no love for Kirkwood; him and Rowe had to be bailed out mid-week by Dowbiggin back in the day when Richards was on vacation. In my eyes, he can never live that one down.

    1. i dont understand the love for kirkwood - he was th guy who pushed buttons and knew nothing about sports and was fired? and rowe? the nascar guy? i listen to the show way more now than ever.

    2. Kirkwood is always going to be brought up as a choice on DB because he made "Loubardias Reads The Phone Book" which is one of the funniest things I ever heard.

  4. I agree. Brad Curle is the SHIT!. He should be calling the Flames on TV, although whats his name isnt bad.

  5. Warrener works better with people he can make fun of. Boomer and Walker fill that role. Nobody feels bad for Boomer and Walker when Rhett cracks on them which is why I think that combo works.

    I like the idea of Walker with Steinberg though. The afternoon show was far better without Bryn even though Pat seemed to struggle with the amount of airtime he was asked to fill.

    Who knew that the current set up would have me longing for the days when Kevin Usselman was in the booth?

    1. I get what your saying with the morning, But I think you could get another monkey for Warrener to crack on. The main thing is with what they have, how do you save the afternoon show, and the only way I can come up with is if you move Walker to the afternoons with Pat and fire Bryn.

    2. I like the guys in the morning. Warrener is great with Boomer and Walker. I think Pat Steinberg is good in the afternoon. I can't listen when Bryn is on. He isn't good at all. You can tell he drives his younger co-host crazy with his terrible commentary.

  6. Couldn't have said it any better AZR. The only show I can stand listening to on the fan is The Jim Rome show. If they ever pull his show that will be the end for me listening to this station. I have gone as far as tuning into TSN Winnipeg or Toronto ( which is a pretty despirate move) just to listen to decent sports talk. I would like to see someone orginize a push to have TSN come to town and chase these hacks off the air.

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