Friday, February 3, 2012

So Chris Bu(minus7)er Is Still On The Top Pairing

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results. This is, of course, ridiculous.

It is ridiculous because everyone knows the definition of insanity is expecting Chris Butler to be able to handle Kane or Hossa on the rush. has the projected blue line pairings up, and it's the same old same old. Jay 'I'm the Livan Hernandez of the NHL' Blowsover and Chris But7er on the top pairing. Gio is babysitting Hannan, and Brodie is babysitting Sarich.

I get the logic. I do. If the club only has three semi-trustable defensemen, pair them with the slugs and minimize the damage of a poorly constructed D-corps. At least, that is the logic I see working with these pairings.

Thing is though, gang, it's not working. Team is 13th in the league in the goals against category, but that includes the fact Kipper has been Kipper this year. They are 25th in the league in 5-5 for and against (0.85), and they give up over 30 shots a night. Nobody playing on the blue line is a plus player.

(Contrast this with Chicago. They are 25th in the league in goals against; they give up a ton of goals. But they are even at 5-5 for and against, and they give up less than 30 shots a night. Also, despite giving up so many goals, of their top four dmen, three of them are pluses. (Kipper for Toews!))

Chicago, if you look at the projected lineups, is employing a different logic, one that I like more. Chicago has their four best defensemen in their top four spots. They go Keith/Seabrook Hjalmawhatanameyougotson/Leddy. And then they play the shit outta those guys. K/S both are eating ~25 minutes, and H/L are eating ~20+ minutes a night. Which means Montador only needs to be playing 10 minutes. See the Betty (90's slang!) in their system?

Dombeer-aholics, we have the pieces. We have a coach who is terrible, but we do have the personnel to do this. Bouwmeester/Gio Brodie/ANYBODYNOTNAMEDBUTLER. If you are in a pinch Butler works as the fourth guy, I guess. That would mean playing Hannan and Sarich together for like 10 minutes a game, which is shit-your-pants scary, but hey, the team did just recently trade for 'Still A Legitimate Prospect' AHL All-Star Brett Connolly.

To conclude, I can't wait until Dave Tippett is coaching this team. Lanny4Prez, too.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


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