Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Still Cant Get Over The Fact SNet Put Ads Up On The Glass During McCrimmon's Memorial

So Chris Butler sucks.

Goal #1: Kindly role tape to 7:10.

Goal #2: Kindly role tape to 9:00

Uhh, guys, what the fuck is Butler (Bu7ler? But7er?) doing out there?

Well, besides being exposed, that is.

Goal #1 at 7:10 (which is actually goal #2 for Detroit yes I know): Butler is attacked with speed and falls down at the blueline. Like your little kid does in midget.

You know who wouldn't have fallen down? Gio. Because he can skate. But keep putting Butler out on the first pairing, Sutter. It's working out great.

Goal #2: at 9:00: HE TAKES THE WRONG MAN! Red Wings #11 and #43 are coming down the wing towards Butler. Cammo is coming up the ice too, backchecking. #43 of Detroit has the puck, so logically, that is who Cammo is skating to try to backcheck. Also, #43 is the player farthest away from the goalie; that is, he is on the far side of the ice (on the boards). Also, he isn't Jagr, so he probably won't score if he is kept to the outside on that angle.

So what does Butler do? When #43 and #11 hit the blue line, Butler goes to check #43, who has the puck on a bad angle. Can someone explain why he does this? Especially because he can see Cammo coming up the ice to cover #43? Is it just as simple as the game moves too fast for Butler? Anyway, Butler takes #43, which opens up a giant lane for #11 of the Wings. Butler literally gives #11 an open lane on Kipper. WHICH IS FUCKING AWFUL FOR A SUPPOSED NHL PLAYER TO DO, ESPECIALLY ONE WHO PLAYS ON THE TOP PAIRING!

You guys, Brent Sutter is a bad coach. Butler has given up a shitty goal like these two examples seemingly every game he plays. And yet, he keeps getting the top pairing spot. That, to me, is a coach putting a player in a situation where they will not succeed, and to me, it's bad coaching. And the NHL is not a developmental league, no matter what the Oilers do. If we are giving him the minutes so he can develop in a year where the clubs goal seems to be to try to make the playoffs, well, those two 'principles' (for lack of a better developed vocabulary) are incongruent.

Question: Quick, without looking, who has played more this year, Babchuk or Moss?

Why am I asking this? Puck Daddy ran a piece about the trade deadline, and for Calgary, he put as the player most likely to get traded Babchuk.

Thanks Wysh. Honestly. The team needs all the help it can get if it is going to trade this guy.

Answer: Babchuck. 17 GP to 15.

And people say 2.5 million dollars (or 5 if you count the whole contract) doesn't buy you anything anymore.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardis Ken King should be fired.


  1. Yeah, I don't understand why people like Butler so much. He's dumb as bricks out there.

    It's a testament to how bad the Flames' defense that he actually gets to play.

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