Thursday, February 9, 2012


Looking at the Flames.

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 Ok. The PP is ranked 12th (18.3%) and the PK is ranked 11th (83.5%). This is across both conferences.

I myself disagree with the chart. The chart is saying the offense is the problem, which, fine, the offense is bad. This is being written under the star that is the trade deadline though, so in that context, the chart (surface read and all that) is saying trade for offense. But I don't agree.

I think with Stempniak and Glencross returning (praise Whalen), and hey you never know Moss may just decide to lace them up this year just for shits and kicks, I think you may be getting some offense in the lineup anyways. Comeau has scored in the past, like Stempniak and even Jackman, so while you can't count on them scoring again, it wouldn't be that surprising to me if they did chip in the odd goal here or there during the stretch run.

Not trying to bullshit or anything, but I think the team is competent in the forwards ranks except for the fact that has a huge whole in the top six, as it only has one centre it can really use there. Backlund and Jones should be the bottom six middle men. I don't see why they should be asked to do more at this point in there careers. If the team could trade for someone who they could play in the top six, fine, wonderful.

But resources are finite. I think the team needs another defenseman. The team ranks 16th in goals against, but, for example, the Blues have let in 62 goals against 5 on 5. There are nine teams that have let in fewer than 100 goals in the league so far, and six of them play in the West. Now, that is a function of games played a little bit, but the point remains: The West has some very good defensive teams in it, and we aren't in that group. We are ranked in the middle though, so the thought, maybe you could make a move that would make you one.

Again, with the limited resources the club has, I don't know if it is going to be able to make a big game affecting move on the defense and on the offense. Maybe it can, who knows, but if you had to choose one or the other, me personally, with the bodies coming back off injury being all forwards, I would try to upgrade the defense.

So on my shopping list would be a capable, veteran NHL centre who could distribute to the scoring wingers he will be playing with in Cammo and Glencross or Tanguay or Jarome and be counted on defensively (ie not Jeff Carter). Probably like on every other GM's list. But I would really focus my resources trying to find a guy who shoots right and could play with Bouwmeester. Pushing Butler down to a 5-6 role where he could play with Sarich (or Hannan) by acquiring a blue liner to play with Bouwmeester, so that I could play Brodie and Gio together as well, would be my goal going into the trade deadline (assuming the organization is indeed going for it).

Although the chart says trade for offense.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


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