Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whalen, That Was A Boring Game

Went out to watch it. Barely noticed any of it over the delicious European style pizza. (As an aside, the Belgians make 8% beer but they like to serve it in fruity glasses. This has been 'The More You Know' with DB).

Checked the box score. 25 shots on net? 25?

DB said this was a must win game. The players have tuned DB out. Fire DB!

But seriously, what a dud. And before the All-Star Game too. So we get like a week to let that image of meekness stew in our heads. Good job there, Flames.

Highlights from the game were like a minute long. We are totally taking that as an indication as to the excitement level of the game. The image the Score highlight package ended with (at least the one we saw) was of Jarome on the ice when the Sharks scored, looking pissed. Did he cause that? Couldn't really tell.

We were too busy counting the number of Sharks behind Kipper to get a good look.. (It was three).

Which is, you know, 'What Up Wit Dat?' kinda stuff.

Guys, what is up with Roman Horak's minutes? 5 minutes of play, and he is supposed to be an offensive player, and he is 20 years old.

Shouldn't he be playing minutes in Abbotsford instead of playing 5 minutes on the Flames? Because you can go get a plug like Stajan to play 5 minutes.

Speaking of Stajan, is that slug faking hurt again? Again? Completely-fucking-believable. We are shocked! shocked! that Matt Stajan would be a selfish turd in front of his own team mates. It's kinda an 'all hands on deck' thang going on with the Flames right now, so it's great to see Stajan buying in.

$3.5 million dollars for this cat? Honestly, you could get a Jewish girl from New York to suck your dick for less money. (She would sell more jerseys, too.) Just fucking send him down to the Heat already, Murray Edwards.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


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