Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We Have Not Been Great Lately

For that we apologize.

Tone may change around here. Was thinking bout things...this whole DB thang shouldn't be a burden, right? It shouldn't be heavy. It should be like good muff; light and fluffy (in a lightning bolt shape).

And if it is heavy, the weight should come from numbers. Yesterday we wrote that the club shouldn't pay Olli 5 million a year. Well, ok, but what is Olli worth, and how does one come to that? That should have been the post, right? Not whatever half asses 'analysis' we provided (and largely provided between the lines: Players get paid for potential in this league, and you don't have to, or at least you shouldn't, pay for that with older players.)

Not to get to morbid and dark, but we were thinking the other day that if everyone disappeared, or if we did, would we be happy with what was on Dome Beers? Not that anybody would see it, but would we, the author, be happy with what was on the screen?

This is a big test tube: we experiment here. With our style, tone, voice, all that. But you all have to read it. So if we are going to borrow your time, shouldn't we at least be happy with what we write? We feel that we have been churning out copy for copy's sake. And who the fuck wants to do that?

Again, this should be fun. And at the very least, at the most selfish, fun for us. Do you know what we have fun doing? Misanthropy. Being assholes to the people on the FAN, being highly over-critical of the poor ink stained scribes, pointing out how shitty SNET is run. Making fun of Ken King and his lack of Kompetence. Making light of the Kenspiracy. Laughing about the Flames shitty prospects. Laughing about the Flames shitty marketing. Searching for Bouwmeesters mug shot.

Or in a word: Matt Stajan. Matt Stajan is fun. Every time we think of that man, the sayings of two Popes float through our heads: Innocents "You would be shocked to learn with what ignorance the world is run" and Alexanders "What 'is' is 'good'".

That makes us chuckle.


  1. Hopefully this means you'll be referencing Youngblood a lot more.

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