Monday, January 23, 2012


It's huge in India.

(Also, we should mention the Flames upcoming homestand. Makes or breaks the season. Those are wins the teams they are competing against may not get. Gotta get those points.) 

Olli Wants Crazy Jack

It was amusing to see all the Olli stories in the paper. Perhaps he is the only one in the locker room that will still speak to Francis. Hmm? Anyways, some classic Francis shilling coming up:

"While it’s clear a player with Jokinen’s numbers could command upwards of $5 million on the open market, Pulver refused to throw out comparables."

Pulver, the agent, didn't want to talk comparables? Probably because 33 year old centres generally don't command 5 million dollars per year, especially when they haven't broken the 70 point barrier since 2007.

Kesler is a 5 million dollar centre. He signed the contract when he was 26 years old. Plekanec is a 5 million dollar centre, signed the contract when he was 28. Bergeron is a 5 million dollar centre, signed the contract when he was 26.

In other words, 5 million dollar centres are usually young, and capable of putting up 70 points.

Older players have been given 5 million dollar contracts to play centre, take Tim Connolly as a pretty recent example, but that contract was mostly due to leverage: Brian Burke is not a great GM, and had left himself with such a hole in his roster he basically had no choice but to give into Connolly and his agent's demands.

The Flames don't need to go that route. If you can plug your nose and read the Francis article, you discover things like Olli Jokinen's family loves the city, that he loves the atmosphere, his team-mates, etc. Now, normally this is probably just clap-trap, but we know from Ritch Winters that people sign with the Flames because its a comfortable place to live. If Olli is like Tanguay or Gio, then the team should have some leverage here.

The scare line in the article is that if the club doesn't resign Jokinen, we won't have any centres. What happened to all that centre depth you declared the team had in spades, Mr Francis?

We don't see the value in Olli Jokinen if he comes with a 5 million dollar price tag. Let another team overpay for what will be a 34 year old. The 'cap space utility' on this team is being eaten up by the overpayment of the clubs top guys (ie: Paying Bouwmeester 7 when he should be making 5, paying Stajan 3.5 and Babchuck 2 when the should be in the ECHL, ect.), anyways.

Reading Between The Lines

Who the fuck misses Bourque? Like, nobody, right?

From the Herald

"The great thing about Cammy? He lives and dies this game,” Sutter says. “He’s always talking hockey. It’s kind of neat to be around a guy like that. He’s very observant. It’s like having a guy who knows the game on the bench. He’s got a good feel for it. He sees things. He brings up some very good points about stuff that I like, because it’s not about him. It’s always good to have a player like that on the hockey team who is a hockey geek.”

Obviously we are reading this as an assualt on Bourque. Because the rap on Bourque was that he was the opposite of Cammo: Bourque didn't live and die by the game, the most oft repeated complaint about him was he was too casual (and stupid. Don't forget how unbelievably stupid Bourque is.).

The rest of the quote works too. Bourque was a dirty player who took stupid penalties at bad times. Or the opposite of a player who is 'very observant' and has a 'good feel' for the game. And is there a move that is more 'about me' then, say, elbowing a player in the head for no reason whatsoever?

Rene Bourque was a piece of shit. That's not our opinion on DB, that's the opinion of the coach!

The Most Important News In The World

Seal and Klum are getting divorced.

The Mose Obvious News In The World

Allison Redford is not a good politician.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. "Could command upwards of $5 million..."


  2. "While it’s clear a player with Jokinen’s numbers could command upwards of $5 million on the open market, Pulver refused to throw out comparables."

    I think you are putting Big Eric's words in Pulver's mouth. I read that 5MM number as something Mr Francis pulled out of a hat (no surprise there).

    Don't go crazy over this one yet bro.

    Also, since when is Matt Freaking Stajan one of our clubs 'top guys'?!?!? Or Babchuk for that matter?!?

  3. Top salaried guys. My mistake.

    I read that the opposite, anon, though. I was reading it as Agent putting words in Francis mouth. Hope your interpretation is the correct one.

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