Thursday, January 12, 2012


So Cammo is a Flame now. Obviously. Everything we say here on DB comes to pass, we are just usually a year or two early.

Because we have fucking vision. 

The one thing we will say is that if this team is going to spend money in preparation for a playoff push, it still needs to acquire a blueliner and a centre. Which is going to be close to impossible, but we will see. It's not like the current management is shy about trading draft picks. Maybe Stajans testicles descend and he shows up at the rink. You never know.

If you want to bitch and moan about the trade, we get that too. But honestly, we hated Bourque and are on a high right now that he is gone.

Furthermore, Cammo is back. He's back, motherfuckers!


  1. Don't get me wrong, I like Cammy and all he brings. I just find it so peculiar that the team has reverted back their 2008-2009 roster. I expect Iron Mike Keenan to walk through that door any minute now. It's this backass way of thinking that pisses me off about the org, K Squared and The Feast. "Oh, we last made the playoffs in 2008-2009...let's just bring back the players from that roster! Brilliant!" It pisses me off cause they hated that roster and did everything to blow it up; and I don't want to hear excuses about it being Daz' moves, etc. (if they had a problem with his moves back then they should have fired him in 08-09 as yours truly kept pointing out after the Blackhawks pounded the Flames in the playoffs). I also hate it cause I never thought Keenan should have been fired nor should they have traded Dion for peanuts. And now look, Cammy is back...Butter is still the coach and Stajan is all they have to show for Dion. Where the f are they going with all of this? Once the excitement of re-acquiring Cammy wears off, this frustration should set in with fans.

    With that said, Bourque had to go and I guess the guy they brought in for him is a fine replacement. But Rammo is whatever and losing the 2nd rd pick is a tough one to swallow. Win now mode I guess...but as you pointed out DB, they need a blueliner and center...and until they get that, they'll be lucky to have the same fate as the 2008-09 squad.

  2. I think I view the Cammo acquisition as the end point of the Dion trade. We end up essentially turning the 6 million we had committed to the blue line (Dion) into 6 million committed to the forwards.

    We did it in an extremely expensive and ardous manner, because with Stajans contract it has cost us an additional 3.5 million over X years, plus Hagman, and the time it took, etc.

    And then of course is the obvious risk that, like J Blow, Cammo doesn't 'earn' his cap hit.

    Stuff like the above is kinda why I want the management fired.

  3. Totally agree. Its why management should have been fired at the end of 2008-09. Pinning Iron Mike as the fall guy was the first sign of desperation imo. Instead the mediocrity of management just compounded itself...I mean hire The Feast as an AGM cause you know you are on the brink of firing Daz. Just fucking fire Daz already! No, they play baby games and stuff and drag The Feast along as interim GM for a while as well. Instead its band aid after band aid. And yes...Cammy has to live up to his cap hit, which I believe he will. But all the money they've spent since 2008-09 on retreds and the Kotalik's of the world is absurd. And all the first and second round draft picks that have been traded away, yikes. The problem I see is the culture and chemistry has been messed with too much and water is muddy. This stuff will continue as long as K Squared and The Feast err Weisbrod (cause you know he's next after The Feast get axed) are gone. On the brighter side, I guess Jarome's going nowhere. :)