Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cammo As Sad Panda

Cammalleri! Is! Availabe!

And if not, at least we can dream.

We were thinking about this situation, and more importantly, what the fuck we were going to have to write about this situation, when we got to thinking...

It's a fan perspective site. Do we really have to go look at Cammo, his numbers, his underlying numbers, his game tape, all that scout infested hippodrome's hectic hullabaloo? Why? We all watched Cammalleri while he was here.

Cammo is a killer. He shoots the puck. He scores goals. You wanna know why he hasn't scored 30+ goals since he has left Calgary? It's pretty easy to figure out; Cammo has 255 shots on goal his one season here, he had 39 goals. The other time he had 30+, with LA, he had 299 shots on goal.

(Jarome Iginla's 500th goal should have cemented this principle: In order to score a goal, one has to shoot the puck. The percentage chance to score on a bad angle shot is still higher than the chances to score on a shot not taken.)

We don't know why the Habs hate Cammo, but it looks like they do. His shots on goal have gone down every year he has been there. He barely got over 200 hist first year there, and he didn't get over 200 last year. Wild guess here, but methinks Cammo don't do no back-checking, which is why he is frustrated. Probably why he and Jarome hit it off. Oh snap.

Here is the point; The question being dreamed on is 'should the Flames trade for Cammalleri?' and we think, as fans, that the answer should be 'yes'. Would we give up anything to get Cammalleri? First and second round draft picks and some such? Obviously not. We need those to trade for Weber. (Oh snap.)

Our humble opinion on the matter is this: team has so many holes that adding a scoring winger will not solve our problems. It doesn't hurt, mind you. But:

Glencross/Jokinen/Iginla is only together for this one year. If Jokinen is playing well at the deadline, it seems to us that you have to trade him. Have to. You know the real reason why? Because we can trade him, get something for him, and then resign him (if you are so inclined) in the offseason. (Wait...that Kotalik trade actually did long term damage to the Flames...)   

Team doesn't really have a second scoring unit. Bourque is the scoring winger. Tanguay is coming back eventually. Matt Stajan is eating the salary cap space of the centre of that line. Ideally you would swap out Stajan and Sarich for Cammo, but that isn't going to happen.

Stempniak/Backlund/Comeau line is one we don't hate as the third line, but again, if the Flames had any sense they would be trying to trade Stempniak for something. That isn't a knock on Stempniak, because looking at behindthenets corsi numbers on him paint him as one of the few 'good' Flames, but third line guys are available cheap every year on the market.  If you could trade Comeau, for even a late pick, we would do that too for the same reason.

And everyone on the fourth line, Whalen willing, we would trade as well. They are all on one year contracts, essentially. Gotta move them. Actually, before we tried to trade Morrison, we would see if he wanted to become head coach. But if he said no, then yeah, trade his ass.

You know what? If they could acquire Cammo for cheapish, that would make everyone feel better about the team doing the smart thing and trading all of it's one year contract guys (in a year, in our view, where the team isn't exactly realistically competing for the Cup). A Ken Ken Koup, if you will.

More so, the big name free agent forwards on the market are essentially wingers anyways. We can pay one of them an obnoxious amount of money, or pay Cammo $12 million over the next two years. Seems to us that the team should probably be using the 'obnoxious' amount of money (you know, the $70 million we offered to Brad Richards) on several defencemen.

Anyways, it is fun to dream, right? Hey, the Ducks are coming to town...maybe we should trade for Getz?

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.