Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This Team Isn't Good Enough

For the first time in a long time, the Calgary Flames have some momentum.

Speaking as fans, that is a good thing. When was the last time this team surprised you, in a good way? Been way too long, and because of that, the win in Vancouver felt great.

Was it symbolic because it represents a true turning of the corner for the squad, or was it just a continuation in the ebb and flow of a .500 hockey team?

While we loved beating Vancouver as much as everyone else, we feel it is more of the latter. A team that had lost 4 straight then goes on to win 3 in a row. The definition of a .500 team, pretty much.


It was only one game, it is true. But it showed something from the club. Usually, when the Flames play a team that is better than them, we think they have a tendency not to try. We think they don't try as hard as they can in order to avoid the questions that would come if they did try their hardest and still got blown out. But against the Canucks, we think they showed some courage. They showed up to play, win or lose.

That's a big step for this team, in our opinion. Maybe they are sick of getting shit on. Who knows?

Should they be rewarded for it?

Fuck...you know, if you read this spot, that we don't think the team is talented enough to win a Cup. We still don't think they are. So the question is, do we buy, or do we sell?

The Flames have one scoring line. They have a solid bottom six. They do not have a second scoring line. The Flames have a single defenceman on the roster, Bouwmeester. The rest of them are, to us, average level nothing special guys. They have a goalie, and for the first time in a while, may even have depth in goal.

If you are inclined to want to add, then the question is whether this team has enough assets available to buy the missing pieces. Even with Gio coming back, the team, to us, seems to need at least one defencemen (PK! Weber!), and it needs a second scoring line. Especially if Bourque continues to be Bourque, and Tanguay is legitimately injured. Hell, you might have to add three players, two forwards and a defenceman.

That's not going to be cheap. Moreover, it would take a level of intestinal fortitude that the current management has shown it does not possess.

Not that they need our advice, but if they asked for it, we would tell them to ignore what the fans think. Lets be real: if this team sells at the deadline, the fans will whine, because a lot of the fans of this team are mouthbreathers who think we are capable of winning with the current roster. If they trade Iggy or Kipper, look out. But if they buy, the rest of us will whine, because the risk we would be assuming in order to win now would be very high.

It's lose lose either way, almost, from a management perspective. Whatever they do, they better not stand pat. It better be a buy or sell scenario.

We bet they buy. It's Feasters first year, and we doubt he wants to be known as the guy who guaranteed a playoff spot for the team and then had his team miss the playoffs. And honestly, if they were to buy on someone young and dynamic, we wouldn't scream to loud. 

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. Belated Merry Xmas DB.

    Your post touches on exactly what I have been thinking about this Team over the Holiday Break...they are sadly stuck in No Mans Land - not bad enough for a Top 5 in the Draft and nowhere close to being a Stanley Cup Champion.

    I think they should sell and rebuild (with competent Management) but I don't see that happening.

    I am a realist, so my attitude going forward this Year is to just "Ride the Waves" with this team and pray to the Hockey Gods that they can catch some 2004 Lightning in a Bottle...once past the first round in 21 years - one would think they are due again??

    That said, this is no way to run a Professional Org, when one has to rely mainly on Luck to make any sort of a dent in the Playoffs...seriously, their defence even with Gio healthy has more holes than Swiss Cheese - Feaster was off his rocker with his bravado proclamations when he should have known what he had on Defence (just for that reason alone he is a Douche')...the good teams who want to make a serious run in the Playoffs are coasting right now - the Flames D as is will get pulverized on matchups when Opposition Forwards crank it up for the Postseason. As far as the Forwards go, as I have said before, the Flames do not have a single sniper on their Roster (Iginla is not a Sniper) and they do not have a single forward who can split a defence pairing and undress a Goalie when the chips are down - more importantly there is no Martin Gelinas on this 2012 squad...without him, 2004 was just another First Round Flameout contrary to revised history that Iginla and Kipper carried that squad singlehandedly.

  2. Fact is Feaster won't buy or at least won't buy something nice. He'll buy some guy who was good back in 2003 and spin it as some win. If Feaster would ever pull off a trade for PK and Weber it would mean he's got some clout with opposing GMs. He doesn't so tough luck. He will be known as the guy who guaranteed a playoff spot (because King told him to) and the team didn't make it. Those are the facts of life.

  3. Merry Christmas, both of you. I suspect you guys are more correct than me on this. Still, fate favours the bold, and Id like to see some bold action.


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