Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stuff N Junk

Such a fucking glutton. Nobody needs a $300 dollar hockey stick. Until you get one in your hand.

What? Nothing.

Ok people, here are our thoughts, not that they are deep or consequential or anything.

We don't like the spin that the team has been playing 'better team defence' in their four game win streak. Ya'll watching some of those games? River hockey against a team you should dominate, Columbus, is not 'better team defence'.

Other than that? Meh. Caught the radio show on the FAN this morning. They were talking about how it would surprise nobody if the Flames lost this game against the Islanders, and we think that is a pretty accurate statement. Which is a big statement in and of itself, right? It's a theme here on DB, hope and faith and how those sentiments relate to the team, and how the team can affect those sentiments in their owners/management/fans.

Buy in is a big thing. In sports, business, life. There is a concept in the Japanese warrior code that we like to relate to the concept of 'buy in'. It's the concept in Bushido of accepting death. Think about that for a moment, how unnatural that is, to embrace death. The human body isn't build for it. It fights against death with every beat of the heart and expansion of the lungs. Your body embraces life.

The embrace of life, however, is the font from which fear flows. And as the Bene Gesserit say, fear is the mind killer (You are reading DB, so excuse us if we assume you are into overwritten works of literature). Inaction stems from fear. Hesitation stems from fear. Fear stems from the embrace of life.

The Japanese fought battles in close quarters, with deadly Katana. Hesitation and inaction would kill a person. Hence the Bushido code to embrace death. If one embraces death, accepts it, honours it, hesitation and inaction are no longer viable options. They disappear, and the effectiveness of (in this case) a Samurai rises exponentially.

Getting back to the point, this is an illustration of the power of buying in. It creates utility, and is essentially free, because it is made of faith. Which is also what makes it so fragile and easily shattered. It isn't made of anything tangible but the moment, and moments pass.

The fact that the Flames fans and the media following this team are half expecting the team to lose to the Islanders is, while harmless in the short term, a reflection of just how bad this team, or rather, how frustrating this team has been over the long term. Frustrating is the better word, we think. This team has been oversold as a Cup contender for about the five years previous to last, and this year and last has been sold as a playoff team. That oversell isn't entirely on the players, and we bring it up to highlight the fact that had they not been oversold with expectations that we know in hindsight where much to high, the fanbase may be treading lighter with this team. But time machines don't exist, and the damage to the brand has been done.

That's one of our main beefs with Ken King, to be honest; the way he has let the brand atrophy under his watch is disgraceful.

What's the point of this whole little diatribe? Nothing so deep as a Herbert epigraph: The Flames play the Islanders tonight. A victory does a little towards restoring the faith; a loss may destroy it completely.

Go Flames, go.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. Did you gain your deep Eastern philosophical insight by watching Rising Sun?

  2. Nope, I earned the insight the old fashion way: By doing Asian chicks.

    (I am a complete fucking bitch for never having heard of this movie. Connery and Snipes? Fucking. Awesome.)

    Way to lose Flames, when I am preparing to turn face and cheer for you bumbs. Lesson learned.

  3. I guess I was dating myself with that reference. It is awesome though.

  4. DB,

    Destroyed completely...cue the "sad trombone"

  5. How is Butler in the NHL? - never mind playing 30 minutes a game. Looks like he didn't want to get hurt when Tavares skated around/past him on the game winner. Why not give him more ice time next game? - don't forget Power Play and PK. Oh yah, and when they pull the goalie in the last minute, he's the go to guy!



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