Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stajan Fights

Good on Stajan.

Butler should have fought as well. Really don't like that guy.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired. 


  1. That Stajan...he's so hot right now.

  2. Day later, I still think the Flames responded like a bunch of pussies to having both their goaltenders run in a span on 2 seconds.

    You can try to spin that the team is full of pussies so of course they would react as such, but to me they have Kosto who is dirty and Jackman who will at least throw down, so they should have started some more shit, IMO.

    What, were they worried they would take penalties and lose the game?

    City fell in love with the team when they were a hard working, tough bunch. Now the team is known for it's softness, and it is perceived as a lazy team as well. What a fucking disgrace in brand management.

    And the salt in the wound is that even though they are a bunch of soft pussies, they still dont have enough skill to compete against real skill teams.

  3. Tim Erixon, who is a little bitch himself, doesn't seem like such a brat right now. At least he took his skinny finesse self to a team that would win with his skill. It's bs what he did...but I wouldn't want to play for the former contributor of the month at THN either.

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