Friday, December 23, 2011

Carlos Marmol Saves

They be heart attacks, yo.

Which is what the Flames tried to give us all last night. Seriously, you would think a Brent Sutter coached team with Kipper in net would be able to sit on a 3 goal lead. It's what those guys are collecting a paycheque for. But for whatever reason, whether it was the Red Wings picking it up, or the Flames giving it away, this team certainly appeared to try to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Which leaves us looking at quotes. (Stolen from the WaPost)

Coach Babcock (hehe) "I thought (the Flames) looked great coming out of their zone until the third period, and obviously then we dug in and made the game close. I thought even at the end we had lots of opportunities, but the hockey gods look after the team that plays the longest and they deserved to win, not us.

Now if we didn't know any better, we would say that sounds like Babcock calling out his team for getting worked by the Flames for the first two periods of this hockey game. We think he thinks his team took the game off till the third.

Flames had a great game until the third...we dug in and made the game close = my idiot swedes didn't start playing until the third.

Which ok, interesting theory. Glencross, any thoughts on the issue?

"We got off our guard a little bit. We just had to keep going and play the way we did the first two periods (and) we would’ve been better off. We got through it and got the two points.”

Lovely to hear, eh? The Flames, a wounded team, took the third period off (by Glencross's own admission) against a team they know can come back on them. In a game they (the Flames) kinda had to have following the disastrous road trip.

Honestly, what is more worrisome? That Detroit thinks the Flames require only a periods worth of effort to dispatch, or that the Flames feel they don't need to play a full 60 minutes against a great team like Detroit?

To us, it is the latter. These guys just don't appear to get it. Look, there is that adage that one shouldn't critique the wins, but that is bullshit. The real issue at hand is the issue of faith: Do we (collective we, the fanbase, all of us) have faith in this teams ability to compete at a high level if by some miracle it were to make the playoffs. The clubs mission should be to show enough that we, the fans, can start to reasonably believe in their abilities to pull off an upset in the first round. And performances like last nights, where the team has their backs against the wall in a sense and still chooses to give only 40 minutes of actual committed play (we will go with Glencrosses scenario over Babcocks, even though we are more inclined to believe Babcock) do not build faith.

Well that was a fucking downer. Get some pussy, DB, and cheer up.

Well, besides pussy, which is always a pleaser, there is one thing that would cheer DB up considerably. And that is PK Subban.

Forget the name or the position. This team could use some dynamism. PK offers that. Plus his coach hates him, and his GM is all in a Darryl Sutter panic.

Can you imagine PK, Brodie, and Bouwmeester on the same blueline? Smooth.

Yeah motherfuckers, that's DB talking adding pieces. Teams .500 right now. To me, it looks like a 90 point team, which means they have to swing a trade (if they add) that nets them like +10 points. Now, five games plus is going to require a real player (maybe two), which is going to require the Flames give up a real draft pick (maybe two).

But that gets us back to the point about faith. If the team makes a big splash, and we still miss the playoffs, or get out in the first round, people will not be impressed, and the most likely outcome of that scenario is that Ken King or Jay Feaster lose their jobs. (Suddenly you realize why we are big supporters of adding). Because we know that King is in regime survival mode, he probably won't be inclined to take a big risk. Especially if he sees his team unable to give a full 60 minutes against really good teams.

Which is the rub. It should be clear to everyone that this team is just not good enough. But it isn't the Islanders either. You can squint and go either way. It's on this team and the players then, to provide an emphasis for management to add. If they saw the team going out and giving a huge effort and still losing, it is easier to talk yourself into buying.

But we don't get that. We get 40 minutes, not 60. Which is frustrating.

Of course, the other perfectly reasonable option is to blow this thang up. But you know what? If management had any confidence in their own abilities to enact a rebuild, they would have done it last offseason, no?

Short of regime change, a blowup aignt happening. These people probably hold pat at the deadline. Which is stupid. Has to be one or the other, buy or sell. And you know what, it probably isn't prudent, it probably isn't the most rational thang, but we would add, provided, again, that the team was adding a real player.

If we don't see ya'll over the weekend. Merry Christmas.

Thanks for the continued support of this site. Sincerely appreciate it.

We have no idea if our 'ratings' are good or not. YTD the google analytics tells us we had 35,000 visitors, with 16,000 absolute uniques. That means we are up like 100%. Again, we don't know if that is good or bad in the absolute, but honestly, for idiots like us to have that many people come by is very humbling.

We don't make money off the site, and our tone precludes us from taking credit for it in real life (like we doubt we could get a job if we told people we were DB because we take shots at so many), so essentially we write for us, and we write for you. The fact that people show up is the reward, in other words. So thanks for showing up.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardis Ken King should be fired.


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